350 Hill Street

Another 2011 AIA Home Tour property, the modern John Maniscalco redesigned “Hill Street Residence” at 350 Hill Street sold for $2,900,000 ($853 per square foot) in 2009.

350 Hill Kitchen

Featuring four bedrooms across three levels with big windows, an open floor plan, and some rather nice and recognizable indoor-outdoor living off the kitchen, the 3,400 square foot home is back on the market in 2012 listed for $3,395,000 ($999 per square).

350 Hill Rear Facade

And yes, by the book, it’s actually Dolores Heights.

15 thoughts on “A Maniscalco Designed Modern Apple Atop Dolores Heights”
  1. very tolerable spiral staircase at the back of the building. i typically do not like them (especially indoors) but this one is nicely done.

  2. This place shows well and the listing video is great. Well done by the agent. Did they use a helicopter, or is that some new IT program?!
    There are some things I would change, like connecting the spiral staircase to the 2nd floor balcony and reconfiguring the layout to get a better dining room, but it shows well.
    As always I’m amazed at just how expensive sf is. $4M for that? Wow.

  3. I think they used Hover Effect for the shots from above.
    Here is another example:
    exSf-er, I think you said you live in Chicago. I hope you check out the tulip displays downtown in your city that were amazing last week because of your early warm spring weather.

  4. I’d love it if this site didn’t focus so much on wealthy people, expensive properties, the 1% etc.
    I understand it being a realtor site, many of the readers are focused on how to most make a buck, watch fancier properties, etc.
    In the meantime, how about a bit more focus on regular schmoe stuff here, for what it is. You know, for the rest of us who can barely get a toe into this place. Just normal homes, with pest reports and disclosures and dubious city records, kitchens needing help, tacky/barely functioning bathrooms, etc. This demographic is not only first time buyers around here.
    Thanks, it’d actually be valuable to the larger readership that you (sort of) have.

  5. Agree with Somewhat Normal Person.
    I like house porn as much as the next guy, but if SocketSite is a real estate site rather than an architecture site it fails completely.
    There is lots of value in seeing “apples” and the value of a good reno under $1M.

  6. I love SS because they DO show all kinds of properties, not just expensive ones. They quite often show some real fixer uppers, crappy kitchens, rotting foundations, creepy bathrooms and ugly interiors.
    Just go back and look at some previous articles. It’s all there.
    SS is a real estate site, but we also get to talk about architecture a lot here. Kudos to them for keeping the dialogue open and lively.

  7. @justme
    Indeed. If there are good renos under $1M, indeed, list them off – i’d love to purchase one!

  8. “I love SS because they DO show all kinds of properties, not just expensive ones. They quite often show some real fixer uppers, crappy kitchens, rotting foundations, creepy bathrooms and ugly interiors.”
    Well, look at current front page and the last series of articles. A $2.45M house, a $1.98 M house, some news about soon to be very expensive condo developments, a $17.5 M house, a $4.2M house, a $3.4 M house.
    Thing is, usually the articles on houses that are fixers are stories about homes that are bought by developers, gutted, and then sold for aforementioned prices.
    Meanwhile, the rest of us who aren’t Facebook employees or lawyers and are lucky enough to either own a house here or have enough to buy into the lower end would really love more attention to this more common realm of SF real estate.
    For instance, why not some discussions about retrofitting, or asbestos removal, or sidewalk maintenance, or solar updating, or great kitchen remodels that are budget wise, etc.? There’s a whole realm of property owners in this city who’d love to read and discuss about this stuff.

  9. A fantastic property. John Maniscalco is an amazing architect. Look at the detail. The fireplace, the built-in cabinetry, the plants in the stairwell, the railing, the layout….

  10. somewhat normal,
    I think some of what you want won’t get much attention by the readers, like asbestos abatement or sidewalk maintenance, so I don’t see it getting any posts.
    The other part would draw more interest, the great budget kitchen (or an rooms really) remodel. The problem there is that SS doesn’t usually get access to those houses/photos. That work is done by someone to keep and not resell. So they can’t just be posted up here with a blurb about what was done and what was spent.

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