Hill Street Residence

While we don’t believe it has officially been announced, it’s a plugged-in tipster that notes the AIA’s 2011 San Francisco Living: Home Tours lineup is now online. The list of featured properties and architects (that’s the “Hill Street Residence” pictured above):

Noe Vista (Kennerly Architecture & Planning)
Harrison Street Residences: 1 x 2 (Studio 12 Architecture)
Old Bernal House (Feldman Architecture)
Hill Street Residence (John Maniscalco Architecture)
Congo Street Residence (MaK Studio)
Alpine Terrace Residence (H+H Creative)
St. Germain (Andy Rodgers Design Studio with SF Modern)
Sunset Overlook (John Lum Architecture)
Richmond Re-Do (Addison Strong Design Studio)
Parkview Terrace (Kwan Henmi / Fougeron Architecture)

As always, bonus points for connecting the moniker with an address, a handful of which should be layups for the plugged-in. And extra credit for pegging which of the properties will hit the market as soon as the tour ends.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by sanfrantim

    anyone here ever taken this tour? I am tempted. worth it? [maybe editor can host a SS meet and greet in connection with this tour:) We all might be a tad bit more civil following]

  2. Posted by sf doc

    Old Bernal House” is the dark brown compound one house away from the corner of Eugenia and Bonview. I believe it was one of the oldest “cabins” in Bernal. The renovation is quite impressive.

  3. Posted by bgelldawg

    This has been officially announced. I received an email from AIA with the schedule on July 19.
    To answer sanfrantim, I did the tour last year and it was worth it, IMO. I’m not an architect, but just as a lay observer, it was very interesting to get inside homes that I otherwise would never have seen. Part of the fun was racing from one site to another (I did on public transit) to hit all of them before the tour closed.
    Another unexpected fun part was chatting with folks at one house and then seeing them again at another.
    Last year the common element in the homes seemed to be bathrooms with no privacy, of all things.
    This year, the Saturday lineup looks much more interesting to me.

  4. Posted by Susan Lewis

    I’ve been on this tour and the AIA SF tour in Marin several times over the past few years. The event is fantastic! It’s always been very well run and the designs, absolutely world-class. I am definitely going to this year’s event! If you are even remotely keen on contemporary architecture, you won’t want to miss this.

  5. Posted by Mr X.

    So what did everyone think of the tours? I thought some of the houses were quite dark and dreary — Richmond Redo was quite nice but a bit dark in the front rooms as SF planning wouldn’t let them open up the front for more windows. I was flabbergasted with St. Germain – awesome views and a spectacular deck — and I heard it went for 5.2M (gulp!)
    [Editor’s Note: 140 St. Germain: From Renderings To Reality To Sold For $5,200,000.]

  6. Posted by Mr X.

    St Germain’s entrance and living room was really spectacular — did anyone notice TWO sets of identical washer/dryers, stacked, next to each other?

  7. Posted by jim

    ” And extra credit for pegging which of the properties will hit the market as soon as the tour ends.”
    Its not exactly right after the tour ends (its been about 5 months) … but 645 Congo just hit the market for 2.085M.

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