3973-3975 19th Street

The sale of 3975 19th Street closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $2,360,000, 3 percent over its asking of $2,295,000 and either $890 or $955 per square foot depending upon how you measure (inside or outside the walls).

Once again, the lower half (or closer to third) of the building sold for $1,650,000 or $1,097 per square foot two years ago.

Don’t forget those invitations to the housewarming, we’re calling dibs on that bed. On second thought, the studio.

22 thoughts on “Design Matters, Damn It (As Do Views): 3975 19th Street Sells”
  1. That is pretty shocking. I realized when it was showing contingent quickly after being listed that it would sell close to asking price. As someone who attended one of the open houses, the place did exhibit some “wow” elements but let’s face it, it’s still a condo and it’s on 19th Street, which is a nice street but not a special street. For that price, you could have a nice single family home in a nice neighborhood. Besides having no fireplace, the living room, minus the deck was quite small. I guess I don’t “get” it.

  2. This should be <$600 sq ft!! (Just kidding, just a pun related to all the negativity on the site promising doom/gloom, even though this sold over asking).
    [Editor’s Note: We don’t believe that’s a pun. And remember, selling for “over” or “under” asking speaks to pricing more than anything else.]

  3. don’t underestimate the draw of nice views and good neighborhood. not all that shocking given the pano views, leafy outlooks, approx. 2500 sf, multiple decks, and detached hillside “studio” (staged as a yoga room).

  4. 19th Street is a nice street, not a special street? Excuse me?
    For a gay dude (or gal or hetero for that matter), 19th St. is prime abd pretty “special” in my book. A couple of blocks in one direction is Dolores Park (which is about to go under a year-long renovation) and a couple of blocks in the other direction and you’re in the Castro with all it’s perks. And now, with Starbelly and Frances, there’s top-notch dining within a ten-minute walk and okay dining galore (Eureka Grill, 2223, Catch, Panam, Leticia’s, Home, Chow, etc.) and if you are gay, my favorite bar, Blackbird.
    Not everyone wants to be in Pac Heights, the Marina or Presidio Heights. Dig?
    PS: I’d still like a fireplace for that kind of moolah.

  5. Yeah, there is no sign of recovery…
    (aside from SF sales volumes increasing over the last nine months and national inventories 29% below their all-time high of July 2007)

  6. yea, without a fireplace, as I have said before in earlier blog comments….that would break the deal for me.
    It’s so logical and intelligent to design in what is “appropriate” for any residential project at this point. Leaving out a fireplace (gas) is really like leaving out a Bosch dishwasher in the kitchen. it’s that simple.

  7. 19th is a great area. I have to agree with deshard. Gay or not it’s a great area, very safe, close to a lot of things, and has killer views. It is a big ‘condo’ if you want to look at it that way, but it’s the size of a lot of SFH’s. I’m not surprised it sold so quickly.

  8. I agree with 94114. For that kind of money, give me Liberty, 20th, or Cumberland. Not only are these close to the all the gay hot spots but they’re also pretty nice to come home to. 2+ million for a condo on 19th, yea right.

  9. Castro, did you see the listing on Cumberland, between Dolores and Guerrero? It is pending and was listed for almost $3.4 million. Beautiful big renovated SFH, great neighborhood but no views. And it was not on the market for very long. Cumberland is a great street…. but WOW!.

  10. The really nice stretch of Cumberland is on the other side of the park, between Church and Noe. Stunning downtown panoramic views!

  11. It’s an awesome place, well worth the money. 19th St. is better than CUmberland and Liberty – views are fantastic (180+ of SF), neighbors are stellar, and the houses are ALL is excellent shape! Not too close to Dolores, Mission, or Castro, but within walking distance. I love this hood (5 years now after living in Pac Heights for 10 prior)! Wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else in the City!

  12. When are they going to paint it?
    When the trend of “Faux concrete” will be over. Making stucco look like concrete is idiotic. You can see it’s blotchy, uneven, almost dirty. Definitely dated. People in 5 years will scratch their head on that one.

  13. @anon94114: Re: 19th St.: Just curious … what is the % of houses vs apt/condo bldgs on 19th compared to Cumberland, 20th and Liberty (btwn Noe & Sanchez)? Aren’t those 3 other streets on an incline ABOVE 19th? … imagine THEIR views! And aren’t Cumberland and 20th cul de sac’s, i.e., virtually no through traffic (auto or pedestrian)? 19th is a wonderful street, but not quite sure what makes it better than Cumberland, Liberty, or 20th for that matter.

  14. That’s the key also94114. 19th Street is very convenient and walkable but it is filled with a lot more apartment houses, many of which are nondescript, than the other 3 streets. It is also a thru street. There are very few, if any apartment houses on the 300 block of Cumberland, the 4000 block of 20th, and the 300 block of Liberty.

  15. What all of you are saying is a matter of taste. I, for one, think that this location on 19th is perfect…it’s an easy walk to Dolores Park or the Castro, yet more or less above the “bum line”, and you still get the fantastic views. If you are one block up, it is mostly single family, the streets are cul-de-sacs, and it is really really charming. But with the steep hill, it also tends to feel more isolated, and you are significantly more likely to get in your car to go somewhere.
    As I said, it’s a matter of taste. Hard to go wrong either way.

  16. Does anyone know at what price the property was finally appraised? There was some talk that it wouldn’t appraise well because of the lack of comps for a condo of that level…Not an issue in the sale as apparently there were several all cash offers on it though.

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