Parcel G (365 Fulton) Site: 2/08/10 (
Site work has commenced at 365 Fulton (a.k.a. “Central Freeway Parcel G“).

Parcel G will be a five story development including 120 studio units of housing for extremely low income, formerly chronically homeless individuals, located at the corner of Fulton & Gough streets.

365 Fulton Final Design: Fulton Street Perspective

The building also includes approximately 2,680 square feet of ground floor retail commercial space, approximately 2,500 square feet of common space and 2,000 square feet of social service program space.

365 Fulton: Courtyard Rendering

Additionally there is approximately 9,000 square feet of open courtyard and roof deck open space area.

365 Fulton Street: Gough Street Rendering
The David Baker + Partners design preserves views of the existing mural from the courtyard, through the lobby on Fulton, and from the street on Gough. No parking (except for bikes). And the yellow was a (nice) post-community input added touch.
Expect completion in the summer/fall of 2011.
Development Summary Form: MHSA Housing Program Parcel G []
RFPs For Housing Along Octavia Boulevard [SocketSite]
David Baker + Partners Parcel G Design []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by David Baker World Famous

    Hey David, are the “courtyard people” in your rendering formerly homeless, or just hipster members of the Bike Coalition? They look super kewl!

  2. Posted by BobN

    I like the semi-transparent trees…

  3. Posted by CREO


  4. Posted by TallGuy

    Perhaps this will keep Kebab place part deux on Hayes/Gough from going out of business this time.

  5. Posted by Mole Man

    Courtyard people, homeless, hipsters, kewl. How is slapping labels on people working out? Maybe it is time to move up to LOLcats?

  6. Posted by 94111

    No wonder “Citizen Cake” is moving out to filmore st. close to pacific heights!!!!!!

  7. Posted by John

    I live at 355 Fulton & I think this building and design suck! I’d rather have seen this kept as open space.

  8. Posted by Dan

    Eventually, most of the open space left from taking down the Central Freeway (and its ramps) will be gone. This building is better than most market rate being built these days. Have you seen 700 Valencia?
    Hayes Valley is better now than it was when Citizen Cake moved in, so that isn’t the reason it’s moving.

  9. Posted by tipster

    [@John:] Something tells me if the building was going to house the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Photography Studios instead of a home for huge numbers of chronically homeless, you’d have less of an issue with the building’s “design”.

  10. Posted by Jeff

    365 Folsom, AKA Parcel G has been named Dr. Raye Richardson Apartments. Dr. Raye is a community leader who chaired the black studies department at San Francisco State. Great building named for a great person.

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