Speaking of San Francisco’s housing pipeline and new construction slated to rise, while site work has already commenced at the corner of 5th and Folsom, Avant Housing will officially break ground on 900 Folsom this coming Monday, May 21. The build is slated to take 19 months with 282 new units and retail along Fifth ready for occupancy at the end of 2013.

Full disclosure: We were engaged by Avant Housing to consult on the development of 900 Folsom but received no compensation for this post.

8 thoughts on “Groundbreaking Mid-Market News: 900 Folsom At Fifth”
  1. so this is being phased, with the 5th st block’s 100-odd units being built out later? thanks for the update, btw, hopefully you can bring us the inside scoop for some months to come.

  2. ah yeah, looking around here, looks like they’ve broken the project up, with 900 folsom and 260 fifth http://www.avanthousing.com/pages/project3.html
    hard to tell by the renderings if the “flexible occupancy” plans for the grade-level folsom street frontage stayed, is that the case? personally, i hope that it just gets built out as straight commercial to force the area to be free (paraphrasing rousseau).

  3. When the Central Subway is built, this location will have very good transportation access: halfway between Caltrain and BART, a block from Muni rail, and of course the freeway right there.

  4. I wonder why they didn’t expand to the other parking lot out to Howard? Oh well- variety will probably look better anyway.
    [Editor’s Note: Other than not owning the land?]

  5. Heard the developers are trying to force the neighbors into installing foundation tie-backs without any compensation. For a project of this size, I’m shocked the developers don’t just pay up to avoid any delays. Looks like a good project.

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