Mission Bay Block 1 Concept
Zoned for a 500-room hotel and 50,000 square feet of retail, the rendering above was developed as a concept for Farallon Capital Management which has sold the Mission Bay Block 1 site to Strada Investment Group which plans to build a hotel, retail and residential.
Mission Bay Block Watch
Since we last published our map of Mission Bay blocks under development, Salesforce has abandoned their plans to build a campus while building upon Block 2 has commenced.
Strada checks in with $220M hotel, retail, housing deal [Business Times]
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Salesforce.com Kills Mission Bay Campus, Open To Offers For Land [SocketSite]
Mission Bay Block 2 Watch (And Renderings) [SocketSite]

7 thoughts on “And Then There Was (Mission Bay Block) One”
  1. What was that bumper sticker? “Please God, just one more bubble.” Can only hope this one lasts long enough to get Mission Bay built-out and occupied.
    Anyone circling the Salesforce land?

  2. MIssion Bay is a pretty godawful place to be during the day now due to the relentless pile-driving going on as part of these new developments. It’s louder than WW2 over here.
    To add to the cacophony, there’s a severely out-of-tune bagpiper who practices at the same time along Mission Creek. Normally when people practice things they get better at it. These are apparently not normal times.

  3. Yes, I’ve heard this guy many times and even seen him. What a complete and utter jerk. Even if he played well, and even if the bagpipes didn’t sound like shit to a non-Scottish ear, who in their right mind thinks it’s ok to force everyone in a quarter mile radius to listen to you make noise like that? The city is full of inconsiderate jerks like this guy.

  4. I have a buddy in San Mateo that I was visiting over the weekend. There is a bagpiper in his neighborhood too bearit.

  5. Bagpipe is a nuisance as are the shoddy piano players and pan flute players. But I guess that is the trade off to living in a diverse city.

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