Originally zoned for the development of a 500-room hotel and up to 50,000 square feet of retail, Mission Bay Block 1 which fronts Channel between Third and Fourth Streets was sold to the Strada Investment Group in 2012 and successfully rezoned for the development of a smaller 250-room hotel, 25,000 square feet of retail, and 350 residential units.

The hotel portion of Mission Bay Block 1 has now been sold to the SOMA Hotel group which plans to start construction on a 15-story hotel at the end of 2014 with a target opening by the end of 2016. While an operator for the hotel has yet to be identified, they’re shooting for one with four stars.

11 thoughts on “15-Story Mission Bay Hotel Slated For 2016 Opening And Four Stars”
  1. So there goes the last chance of having a row of restaurants with outdoor seating along Mission Creek. You’d think the block with a hotel would be the logical choice.

  2. I don’t understand why they put T-Third on that segment of Channel St in the first place. In the old days 4th St and 3rd St intersect at a slight angle. It would be much better to run T-Third on the old 4th St in a straight line than making two near right angle turn right now.

  3. formidable,
    I totally agree. For a city that has “no wall on the waterfront,” there is surprisingly little opportunity to interact with the water, except by walking by it. For that matter, there’s less opportunity to eat outside than in Vancouver. And we could use another restaurant row/a few bars/a couple of art galleries and trinket shops open late.

  4. ^Perhaps you guys have not smelled Mission Creek lately. No one in their right mind would want to eat outside next to that nastiness.

  5. Is there a movie theater/cineplex planned for anywhere in the Mission Bay area? There should be one with adjacent restaurant
    and retail to bring some nightlife to this part of the city.

  6. Actually I run along that creek several times a week and it only smells under the freeway. Once you’re past the 4th St bridge it smells no worse than the Bay. And speaking of the Bay, I’m told it was literally a cess pool 40 years ago. These things can be changed.

  7. jlasf, if movie theaters with adjacent restaurants and retail generated nightlife, Japantown would be hopping and the Metreon wouldn’t be a Target now. We don’t need to repeat that experiment, leave it in the burbs.

  8. The Anchor Brewing facility at Pier 48 should provide some of that waterfront interaction.
    But I agree, even Boston has more harbor-side dining and entertainment than San Francisco, and that’s with a useful access period about 1/3rd as long.

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