A plugged-in reader reports:

Mission Bay is a pretty godawful place to be during the day now due to the relentless pile-driving going on as part of these new developments. It’s louder than WW2 over here.

To add to the cacophony, there’s a severely out-of-tune bagpiper who practices at the same time along Mission Creek. Normally when people practice things they get better at it. These are, apparently, not normal times.

In addition to the Mission Bay lots currently under development or soon to break ground, the Giants are still swinging to break ground on the 27-acre Mission Rock project by 2015, the development of which will likely span a decade.
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7 thoughts on “The Daytime Downside To The Development Of Mission Bay”
  1. @Happy: The siren happens every Tuesday at noon throughout the city.. Emergency broadcast system. If you hear it at a time other than Tuesday at noon, duck!

  2. For the record, as a musician and known Irishman I have nothing against bagpipes or bagpipers. If this particular bagpipe was either in tune and/or in an adjacent county it wouldn’t bother me at all. Until then. . .
    SF Music Events
    April 2012 – Sept 2019, 8am-4pm
    The Mission Bay Outdoor Amphitheater is proud to present:
    Performing their challenging debut album “ScreeeeBANG!eeeBANG!waaaeBANG!eeeesBANG!creee”.
    Opening act:

  3. I work at the China Basin office building that over looks the Mission Creek and understand the reader’s pain. The pile-drivings can be heard all the way down to Townsend St.
    That being said, I look forward to the development of Mission Bay!

  4. Yes, I’m looking forward to the development of Mission Bay too. I hope there will be lots of little eateries and a cafe. A small post office would be great, too, please. Any other life’s conveniences is welcome and appreciated! 🙂
    Now that Salesforce is looking to bail on their land, I hope someone will buy it and develop something cool.

  5. We live across the creek from the park where the bagpiper practices. He’s actually not bad and we enjoy his practice sessions. And he’s not out of tune.

  6. Just in case anyone is still reading this thread, regarding the out-of-tune or in-tune bagpiper, you are both right. He was in tune, then his upper two notes were incorrect for many months, and then he fixed it again and was in tune that last several times I heard him.
    It stems from the fact that the Scottish bagpipe scale is different from the standard major scale (like the 7th note is flat) but they still call their notes by the standard names, despite some of them actually being different. When you use a standard tuning gauge, it tells the bagpiper he/she is on one note but the player actually tuned to a different one, and if the player isn’t aware of that issue, then the whole instrument is tuned using the wrong note and unfortunate sounds can result. He was using a Korg and told me that the Korg tuner said he was on that note so he was on that note, and did not believe me when I told him his scale was off. He must have conferred with another piper later and fixed it 🙂

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