2020 Jackson Street
Purchased for $15,000,000 by the Catherine Schwab Revocable Trust in 2004, the 11,500 square foot Hellman Mansion with seven bedrooms at 2020 Jackson Street returned to the market seven months ago listed for $20,000,000.
Since tapped to be the 2012 Decorator Showcase home, as it was in 1991 as well, the asking price for the Julius Kraft designed pad has just been reduced to $17,500,000.
Built in 1902 by Wells Fargo Bank President Isaias Hellman as a wedding gift for his daughter, 2020 Jackson Street served as the makeshift headquarters of Wells Fargo following San Francisco’s great quake and fire in 1906. As it appeared at the time:
2020 Jackson Street circa 1906
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12 thoughts on “A Pre-Showcase $2,500,000 Price Cut For 2020 Jackson”
  1. Maybe the owners will never step foot in that kitchen, but “the help” will be sad when they first set eyes on a kitchen that looks about as large as a butler pantry in most homes of this size.

  2. Which of the two fully outfitted kitchens are you referring to? Personally, I think the staff will be ok with either one..

  3. Rillion wrote:
    > Who cares what “the help” think?
    Back in 1940 Clara Heller who lived at 2020 Jackson had quite a bit of “help” (a Houseman, two regular maids, a cook, a kitchen maid and a laundress).
    To see what Clara paid “the help” back in 1940 take a look at the census data that was just released: http://tinyurl.com/6wffnq5
    P.S. Do not click on the census link unless you have a lot of time to burn. It takes a while to get the hand of finding homes, but once you get good it is easy to look up just one more relative…

  4. I can’t find the link in my browser history so maybe I’m imagining it, but I read somewhere that even in the present day, when the home gets into the five figures of square footage, the rule of thumb is that you’re going to want a dedicated or preferably live-in housekeeper.
    I have no way of knowing what configuration this home was in in the pre-war period, but I guess you’d want to put the maid in the Au Pair Suite here nowadays if you want to keep your guest rooms available.
    That’s a decision I’ll never have to spend time pondering.

  5. Following an official 381 days on the market, most recently asking $17,500,000, the listing for 2020 Jackson Street has been withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale.

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