2020 Jackson Exterior
As we first reported this past September:

Plugged-in people knew it was coming and even got a brief peek inside, and now 2020 Jackson (a.k.a. The Hellman Mansion) has officially hit the market listed for $20,000,000 having been purchased for $22,500,000 in 2004 according to Propertyshark.

While Propertyshark states $22,500,000, however, tax records and a plugged-in source involved with the sale say the 2004 sale price was actually $15,000,000.

After 150 days on the market, 2020 Jackson remains available. As a reader notes, the Julius Kraft designed 11,500 square foot pad will be the canvas for the 2012 Decorator Showcase which opens in April. And yes, that’s its pre-showcase condition above and below.
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4 thoughts on “Showcasing 2020 Jackson Street”
  1. I hope that tapestry or frieze or whatever it is on the upper part of the dining room walls is off limits to the redesign.

  2. One of the greatest houses in SF. Anyone who desecrates the original interior should be subject to capital punishment. There should be a guard at the door to confiscate white paint, and another guard to monitor changes.
    Too bad they could not find a buyer in time to prevent the Decorator Showcase.
    I remember viewing this house once with my father when it was for sale a for about three million. I wish I could have convinced him to underwrite the purchase.

  3. I have to agree with conifer that a sub forty year old interior designer coming in and exclaiming “let’s lighten this up!” is almost a fait accompli at this point. The only question is whether or not they’ll remove the wood panels or just take the cheap way out and paint right over it.

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