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A plugged-in tipster over at One Rincon Hill delivers the design, timing and detailed scoop with respect to the second tower and One Rincon Hill Phase II:

Construction is anticipated to start approximately June 1, 2012 and be completed in an estimated 26 months. The building design, unit size and unit mix can be summarized as a 50 story version of Phase I as displayed at the scale model located in the sales office.

For the floor plans and unit layouts, Phase II will combine the two adjacent small one bedroom units at the center of the building curve above floor 25 into one two bedroom unit. The number of two bedroom units will increase and the number of one bedroom units will correspondingly be reduced. Approximately 60% of Phase II unit plans are the same as Phase I.

Significant improvements in the Phase II building will include a 3,600 square foot exercise facility and a top floor 4,000 square foot penthouse “Sky Lounge.” (As comparison, current Phase I amenities include a 750 square foot exercise room and an 1,100 square foot Party Room). All amenities, including the existing swimming pool and spa deck facilities, will be available to occupants of both towers.

Phase II will be “constructed and marketed as [condominiums],” but with a plan for rentals “should the market require… with the ultimate objective of re-establishing condominium sales as the market allows.”  A single Home Owners Association will include both Phase I and Phase II units. If Phase II enters the market as rentals, Principal Real Estate Investors will “become part of the existing HOA to operate and manage both buildings.”

Also noted, the developer is “in discussions with Caltrans about potentially using the existing Caltrans property next to the Bay Bridge, adjacent and south of the Phase II site” as a private landscaped park for the use of One Rincon Hill.

One Rincon Hill Tower Two Site Sold, Rentals Likely To Rise [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Good news For 1RH residents. Looks like everything will be built as originally planned with the exception of condo conversion being pushed out to some date in the future.

  2. Posted by Ivan

    Looks like this, 45 Lansing, and 201 Folsom will probably all break ground this year.
    [Editor’s Note: 45 Lansing Take Two: Latest Renderings And Smaller Units Proposed and The Arquitectonica Redesigned 201 Folsom Street Rendering Scoop.]

  3. Posted by futurist

    Great news. More housing and density, more people, activity and related retail, restaurants and shopping in the area.

  4. Posted by gellan

    Awesome news! Tower 1 could use the company.
    @Ivan – I hope you’re right.

  5. Posted by WH

    Impressive scoop. Great info, great news.

  6. Posted by NoeValleyJim

    Wow, I honestly thought that I would never see the day, much less so soon. Amazingly good news.

  7. Posted by bart

    Does anyone agree with me that our downtown skyline does not need another sharper image air filter?

  8. Posted by martin

    @bart- our downtown skyline needs tower two so that the one standing now doesn’t look like a sharper image air filter 😉

  9. Posted by futurist

    How many more tired and tiresome comments are we going to hear about calling One Rincon an air filter?

  10. Posted by Turin

    Great news! I recall the very day I walked by ORH and noticed they were closing up the access points from the lowrise to tower 2’s location and knew it was a bad sign. This about face is coming way sooner than I hoped.

  11. Posted by Joshua

    Would need to see renderings, but from the description of the new #2 design, it sounds like the skyline could appear a bit reminiscent of WTC…two soaring, identical, white towers anchoring the southern edge of the skyline???

  12. Posted by Old Mission Neighbor

    I think the second tower is about 450 FT or so (about 200 FT lower than the first). So they’re not exactly twin towers.

  13. Posted by Nick Van Smack

    Love this quote from the omniscient tipster, circa 2008:
    “I don’t think people are going to be fooled by a second tower. I think everyone knows it. And so no one is going to construct a second tower next to a freeway any more than someone is going to build an on line pet supplies company that has no chance of profitability. They were both done to take advantage of a momentary lapse in judgment.”
    Any more tips for us dude?

  14. Posted by Jt

    Love the concept of a sky lounge. I don’t think any other condo building in the area has that.
    Anyways, this is good. Anyone know when 201 folsom and 45 lansing will commence?

  15. Posted by 49_Giants

    A 4000 sq.ft penthouse in T2 for all residents. That is a huge plus! I’ve always thought ORH should have done it for T1 and I’m excited that it’ll finally be there in T2.

  16. Posted by gellan

    201 Folsom:
    From the link above-
    “Tishman Speyer currently has until September 3, 2012 to commence work on the project, the “sister” to Tishman’s Infinty across the street.”
    45 Lansing:
    Not sure, but a temp site is up-

  17. Posted by Joshua

    “I think the second tower is about 450 FT or so (about 200 FT lower than the first). So they’re not exactly twin towers.”
    Indeed. But your vantage point will determine how the towers appear in relation to each other. From many places, the two white towers will appear approximately equal in height. And perhaps oddly similar to a former pair of white towers in lower Manhattan. Which just might also be why the original tower design was different. Point being, “a 50 story version of Phase I as displayed” is a really terrible idea.

  18. Posted by curious

    Does anyone know which floorplan views will be blocked by this new building?

  19. Posted by ex SF-er

    Count me as one who is definitely surprised that they are building this so soon (my original guess was 10 years out from the first building or never), although I’d put my money on apartments for now, and not condos.
    here in the midwest you can’t walk 5 feet without bumping into a new apartment building. everything is “luxury apartment” these days. so perhaps Tishman et al are trying to capitalize on a strong rental market, and then can convert later.
    That said, we’re fully into our very modest recovery and things probably won’t get much better than this for a while so might as well go ahead with it now as opposed to waiting for further economic improvement which is unlikely in the near term.
    it will be nice to get some added height around Tower 1, but most of all it will be nice to finally get an acceptable gym in that building.

  20. Posted by NoeValleyJim

    Who will the builder be?
    Nice to see your visit ex SF-er. How is Chicago treating you?

  21. Posted by ex SF-er

    Thanks for asking,
    Life is actually very good but way too busy. Thus I’ve lurked around but haven’t posted much… I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even been to SF in over a year now (we usually go 5-6 times per year).
    Currently, we’re re-evaluating our life plan/goals. Leaving SF allowed us to have financial security, and now we need to decide what to do. Stay in current situation and retire early, stay out here and move to the “dream” house, or take a risky (but possibly lucrative) offer back in Bay Area.
    we’re very lucky because we have three great choices.
    10 years ago I would have chosen to move back to the Bay Area for sure. Today: I lean towards staying here and early retirement. There are so many things to do on Earth besides this one job! But I don’t wear the pants in the family, and thus today we go for third time to see the huge dream house…
    I hope you all are well in the city by the Bay, please eat a Whiz burger for me. I don’t know why, but out of all the amazing food that is in SF, I want a Whiz Burger!

  22. Posted by tipster

    Asking ex-SFer and everyone else: how much is enough to retire?
    When do you stop?

  23. Posted by NoeValleyJim

    The short answer is this: take your yearly budget and multiply it times 25. Most financial planners say you can spend 4% forever, though I am starting to wonder if that is too optimistic in the “new normal” world.

  24. Posted by curmudgeon

    I’ve never actually had a whiz burger and I’ve driven by that stand a million and a half times….

  25. Posted by outermissionkid

    I wish I could “like” comments on here. Haha…

  26. Posted by lived_there

    I lived at ORH for two years and absolutely hated it. Constant noise from the freeway, non-existent ventilation and unhelpful management. Other than the last issue, most of the problems stemmed directly from having the building so close to a busy commuter bridge. I really don’t think putting another building in this location is a particularly wise use of money / resources.

  27. Posted by martin

    a little late but for those of you looking for a rendering with both towers.

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