Where's The Couch?
With the two-bedroom 301 Main Street #14D currently rented for $4,800 per month, we don’t know if it’s the $4,950 per month asking rent for a furnished one-bedroom at the Infinity, or the furnishings themselves, that elicited the “OMG” comment from a reader.
To The Infinity And Beyond 2008? [SocketSite]
$4950 / 1br – Fabulous Furished (sic) Pied-A-Terre @ The Infinity [craigslist.org]

7 thoughts on “Where’s <strike>Waldo</strike> The Couch?”
  1. What Jane said. Epic interior decorating FAIL.
    The lessor was probably thinking: when you’ve finished the drapes in the living room and have material left over, why not go whole hog and cover the walls and upholster the couch and chairs in the media room too? The tenant isn’t going to care that it doesn’t match the color palette for the rest of the place. They’ll just be glad to be living at The Infinity, enjoying the 5 star amenities. Yeah, that’s the ticket.
    Alan Morcos should have sat this person down before taking the listing and let them know in a friendly, non-judgmental yet firm way that this is no way to attract a renter looking for a fully furnished pied-a-terre. Especially for $4.9K per month.

  2. I got a couch like this with a similar pattern as a hand-me-down from my first place in SF. I couldn’t find any sucker to take it from me. It even lingered in the “free stuff” section of CL until I decided to ask the trash guys to pick it up. The pattern is still scorched on my retina. I fear it’s never going away.

  3. If you look hard enough there is a chair in there too. And a lampshade. There is also an edgeless mirror but you can’t see it since it’s reflecting the same pattern.

  4. I don’t know… I bet if you removed the dark pillows and had guests over, all manner of hilarity would ensue.

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