Daggett Park Schematic

This Monday, January 23, San Francisco’s Planning commission will present the schematic design for Daggett Park to the San Francisco Arts Commission, which, through their Civic Design Review process, is tasked with reviewing the design of all public projects.

Daggett Park Rendering

As proposed, the park will include a tilted lawn, “penta-step” installation, wave bench and a dog run amongst other features. The full presentation for the park to be built between 7th and 16th Streets and the buildings of Daggett Place:

7 thoughts on “The Designs For Daggett Park”
  1. Pardon my ignorance, but what is a “penta-step” installation? Modern architect lingo for 5 stairs, all in a row?
    [Editor’s Note: Try scrolling to page 27 in the presentation above.]

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