785 Cole Master
As we wrote when the Jensen & Macy redesigned home at 785 Cole Street hit the market in 2007 asking $2,000,000 and sold for $1,900,000 that August:

We’re particularly fond of the wall of doors from the kitchen to the deck. And no, we can’t explain the Barcelona Couch in the Kitchen.

785 Cole Kitchen
Back on the market and listed for $2,275,000, but not apples-to-apples as walls have been removed, a steel beam put in place, and two bathrooms (not including the one above) have since been remodeled. Our original two sentiments stand.
UPDATE: While not yet live when we published this morning, a new site and photography for 785 Cole is now online. And yes, a table has replaced the couch in the kitchen.
785 Cole Kitchen 2012
∙ Listing: 785 Cole Street (3/2.5) 2,380 sqft – $2,275,000 []
Garcon, There’s A Couch In My Kitchen (785 Cole) [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by eddy

    Some should tell the listing agent to clean up his listing and use the latest marketing materials:
    I don’t see any reason this should be sold very quickly.
    [Editor’s Note: The site wasn’t yet available when we published this morning.]

  2. Posted by Michael

    No pictures of the tub-in-the-middle-of-the-room on the new site? Looks like the photographer went out of his/her way to hide it, can’t even find it in a reflection.

  3. Posted by Footie

    How convenient — the refrigerator is now located on the far wall behind the dining table… (plus the new blond flooring looks cheap compared to the original finish)

  4. Posted by Louis

    it is really not a 2 mil location.
    but the recently sold beulah reno really was not a 2.4 mil location..
    sales in the submark seems stronger than other areas of sf

  5. Posted by bobo

    Bring the couch back…with a mini fridge.

  6. Posted by mikey woodz

    What happened to the outside? Howd did they get away with those windows? This thing look like a Pile for almost a g/ft, good luck

  7. Posted by Joshua

    indeed, who in the world thought it was a good idea to move that refrigerator so far away from the counters and sink?

  8. Posted by eddy

    If you look at the original pics from the prior listing you would see that there is some odd cutout that housed a sideboard or something in the kitchen. They just re-purposed that space for the new doublewide refrigerator. There is still a fridge in the original location in the kitchen but it looks like a downgrade and not sure why they didn’t just keep the original one.
    Odd to exclude the pics of the tub? Even odder to have a tub exposed like that…
    @louis, good point on Buelah. It’s not a 2.4M location. It sold for $2.6M 🙂

  9. Posted by JustLooking

    Somewhat unrelated question.
    Once upon a time on propertyshark, you could access information on the amount of debt on a home. That function seems to have gone away.
    Any ideas on where else to look?
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Posted by inmycountry

    Looks like the tub may have been removed by the current owners/sellers. (smart idea!) In the pictures of the Master Bedroom there appears to be more floor area in front of the bed and a tub is not mentioned in the features on the listing web site.

  11. Posted by eddy

    That is certainly possible but the use if wide angle shots and the angles taken to appear as if the tub was strategically omitted.

  12. Posted by Rocco

    The tub is gone- must be the reason they think they can make $325K over what they paid in 2007 at the height of the market.

  13. Posted by pumpkin

    I saw this house last time around (was it 2007, already?). It was, by far, the most ridiculous showing I had ever seen…the pics look like they are marketing this better, this time around…

  14. Posted by Eddy

    In escrow
    From the listing:
    The private master bedroom features a hotel-worthy bath with dual vanities and a wall of frosted glass.

  15. Posted by eddy


  16. Posted by eddy

    Sold @ Asking.

  17. Posted by lol

    Expect loud crickets from tipster.

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