3855 Washington 2011
While purchased by the Pincus family in 2009 for $8,100,000, despite a number of (mis)reports suggesting otherwise, the family never called 3855 Washington Street home.
In fact, we don’t believe they ever spent a night in the Presidio Heights pad which has returned to the market listed for $8,900,000 having been significantly remodeled (including an all new master suite, seismic work and security) over the past two years.
As plugged-in people know, it was 1572 Shrader Street from which the Pincus family most recently moved. And no, they weren’t the buyers of 2950 Broadway, the sale of which we first reported yesterday.
∙ Listing: 3855 Washington Street (6/6.5) – $8,900,000 [teedhaze.com]
The Shrader Street Home From Which Mark Pincus Was Driven [SocketSite]
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9 thoughts on “A Pincus House (But Never A Pincus Home)”
  1. What this listing doesn’t show is that this house is on the same block as the Presidio Hill School so if you don’t like noisy kids or blocked driveways from the carpool line, you may want to consider another property for your 9 million dollars.

  2. “School so if you don’t like noisy kids or blocked driveways from the carpool line…”
    Is the drop off / pick up traffic really a big issue for the homeowner here? I pass about five schools on my daily commute and it seems as if the peak of the traffic chaos lasts for about ten minutes at most. The rest of the day is normal.
    (which isn’t to say that I think our current system of individually chauffeuring kids to school is a good solution)

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