1572 Shrader

Following a few run-ins with a Russian stripper stalker at their Shrader Street home, Mark Pincus and family recently moved to a more secure building within San Francisco. Today, the Pincus owned 1572 Shrader Street officially hit the market listed for $2,189,000.

1572 Shrader Street Living Room

According to public records, Mark Pincus paid $2,850,000 for the contemporarily remodeled home hidden behind a modest facade in the heights of Cole Valley back in 2005.

∙ Listing: 1572 Shrader Street (3/3) 2,875 sqft – $2,189,000 [1572shrader.com]

17 thoughts on “The Shrader Street Home From Which Mark Pincus Was Driven”
  1. i actually think there was a mix-up with the story.
    he wasn’t actually being stalked by a russian stripper. while they were away on vacation, a russian stripper broke into his home and decorated it…
    easy mistake to make.

  2. According to proertyshark Pincus was involved with the 1997 sale of this property in some capacity calling into question the arms length nature of the 2005 transaction. Perhaps someone more sluethy than me can figure that out?

  3. Oh man. I sat next to this nutbar on a flight from Vegas back to SFO. I had to listen to the story for 1.5 hours then we had to circle for another 45 minutes due to too much traffic and fog.
    She was telling me the same things as in all the emails. How these companies killed her family etc etc how she was a stripper in the city and vegas.
    Personally I didn’t believe she was a stripper at all.

  4. As a potential buyer I’d be worried about her showing up at my doorstep constantly looking for Pincus, wondering where I had “hidden” him. It goes without saying that this woman is seriously mentally ill, and would most likely not listen to logic if told that he no longer lived there. In fact, the new owner would probably be seen as a threat in her eyes too. I think it’s a potentially dangerous situation for the new owner. What if she escalates and goes to the house with a weapon?

  5. Lori, of she shows up, just hold up a piece of that carpet until she screams “My eyes, my eyes” and runs away for good.

  6. Of course it wasn’t on the open market when it sold for 2.85M. Leaving it dangle like that is disingenuous, at best.
    [Editor’s Note: While not on the open market, the 2005 sale price was recorded at $2,850,000 and transfer taxes were paid on that amount.
    In addition to being noted by a reader on the thread above, we also highlighted the arms-length point in our update post to which we linked.]

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