145 Magnolia Living

The site was purchased for $466,000 in 1998 and by 2000 a four-story and light-filled 3,400 square foot property had risen at 145 Magnolia. It sold for $2,800,000 that July.

145 Magnolia Kitchen

It’s now eleven years later and the Marina property is back on the market listed for $3,250,000. And it’s still looking rather contemporary both within and without.

145-147 Magnolia Exterior

∙ Listing: 145-147 Magnolia (5/4.5) 3,400 sqft – $3,250,000 [145magnolia] [ninahatvany]

12 thoughts on “Modern Living At 145 Magnolia In The Marina”
  1. Lots of lens trickery for a 3400 sqft house is strange and insecure. Still, this is Nina, so was it sold last week at asking?
    Is there some movable partition for the master BR? Almost looks like there is.

  2. Reduced to 2.995, within 10% of its 2000 price and more than a quarter of a million dollars has evaporated, if it sells at asking.

  3. So much for that. This place just traded for over $1kpsf with not much more than an exterior paint job and some cabinets.

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