1333 Jones #705 Master

The master suite within #705 at the Comstock (1333 Jones) sports a big San Francisco view, a designer bath (or at least shower), and a rather master worthy closet.

1333 Jones #705 Master Bath
1333 Jones #705 Master Closet

Unfortunately the guest bath didn’t get the same designer makeover as the rest of the unit. But if you were our guest, we’d say help yourself to a few of the 300 bottles in the built-in cooler and spend your time soaking up…

1333 Jones #705 Wine Cooler

…the views.

1333 Jones #705 View

Purchased for $2,400,000 in September 2007, the Comstock two-bedroom is back on the market listed for $2,349,000 four years later. As plugged-in people know, the unit two floors below sold for $2,000,000 in 2010 but wasn’t nearly as well “designed.”

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by redseca2

    It was a tight squeeze, but yes, they managed to get a crown molding into the living room proving this is certainly in San Francisco.

  2. Posted by EH

    Ahahaha, nice one. good eye, redseca!

  3. Posted by TEJ

    Looks like someone won a ‘major award’!

  4. Posted by anonconfused

    The wood panel screen in the second bedroom seems to be blocking the view of a nosey neighbor? Why else would they do this?

  5. Posted by James

    the statue in the dining room is missing its lampshade.
    (same reference as TEJ?)

  6. Posted by lolcat_94123

    Only one thing in the world could’ve dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window… the asking price.

  7. Posted by PPC

    I lived in the Comstock, higher floor and facing North/West. Perfect view, solid building, central location, overall, a great place.

  8. Posted by bgelldawg

    At $1400+, the HOA fees alone are more than my mortgage payment. Hilarious that they are marketing this as a “perfect pied a terre.”
    Are they sure they have enough mirrors in the place?
    Great views, perhaps, but like other buildings of this type, extremely unattractive exterior and high negative curb appeal.

  9. Posted by S&FP

    Looks beautifully redone especially the kitchen and master bath. Wine storage a nice touch and Comstock has doormen downstairs to guard the stash… Would be amazing to live with those views.

  10. Posted by nahla.b

    Stunning views, remodel is well done & sets it apart from other units I’ve seen in the building.

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