818 Steiner

As we wrote about 818 Steiner this past February:

Built for Louis Hartter, his wife Emily Geisel and their five children in 1899, the 5,693 finished square feet of 818 Steiner were completely refinished between 2004 when purchased for $1,620,000 and 2007 when sold for $3,400,000.

It’s now four years later and the Martens & Coffey designed Alamo Square Victorian is back on the market and asking $3,200,000. The sale in 2007 was $550,000 under original ask.

On Friday, the sale of 818 Steiner closed escrow with a reported contract price of $3,050,000, five (5) percent under asking and ten (10) percent under its year 2007 price.

Down the street, 722 Steiner is no longer listed for sale despite its “Seller MUST sell, will consider all offers” listing at $2,950,000 last year. That being said, the Postcard Row developer’s onetime home is currently scheduled to hit the courthouse steps next month with over $100,000 past due on a $1,740,000 first (and a second for $290,000).

722 Steiner (www.SocketSite.com)

6 thoughts on “While A Big One Sells, Another Is Scheduled For The Steps”
  1. The saddest thing is the ones just like these sprinkled throughout the city standing next to gas stations and ugly apartment complexes.
    Lonely, much, good taste?

  2. Anyone know what the yellow house to the left finally sold for? (I think it has since been painted.)
    I walked through with my family when it was for sale — and, I have to say we were very tempted. It was mostly original, in need of some updates, but a wonderful building.
    Ultimately we passed on it because of the location, the difficult, small garage, and the very small yard. We assumed that making any change to enlarge the garage would be a DR nightmare given the historic nature of this row and the high visibility of the home.

  3. Yes, it was side by side — but very short from front to back, and very narrow for two cars. It’s fine for two Minis and would probably work great for many city dwellers — but we’re a family with larger vehicles, bikes, strollers etc etc.
    Anyway, that’s a good price if that is what it really sold for. Someone got a great deal!!

  4. “Someone got a great deal!!”
    No kidding.
    Garage-wise, I remember it took them forever to dig the garage for 818. Months and months it seemed like. Weird.

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