818 Steiner

Built for Louis Hartter, his wife Emily Geisel and their five children in 1899, the 5,693 finished square feet of 818 Steiner were completely refinished between 2004 when purchased for $1,620,000 and 2007 when sold for $3,400,000.

It’s now four years later and the Martens & Coffey designed Alamo Square Victorian is back on the market and asking $3,200,000. The sale in 2007 was $550,000 under original ask.

∙ Listing: 818 Steiner (6/4.5) 5,693 sqft – $3,200,000 [] [MLS] [Floor Plans]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by eddy

    Ouch. I expect a similar outcome on sale/ask on this property. Anyone have the loan characteristics of this place.

  2. Posted by Lori

    They need to update the gallery photos on the website. I don’t want to see a Christmas tree when we’re going into March. It just makes me think that the house has been sitting, and will continue sitting, on the market.

  3. Posted by badlydrawnbear

    The problem with these properties, in my view, is that not only are there thousands of people every day staring into and taking pictures of your home but that you could never make a single change to the place without half the city filing a DR and needing to bribe the entire planning committee and every Supervisor.
    Is the headache of living in such a public home really worth it?

  4. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    ^^^ But on the bright side no self respecting burglar would attempt a breakin with so many people looking on.
    And if the house catches fire one of those tourists will quickly call 911.
    Free ensurance

  5. Posted by SF Victorian

    Price seems pretty steep, yes? I believe the house to the left sold for about $1.6 or so — does anyone know? Yes, it is a smaller house, and it was in need of some work for sure, but I don’t see this one being worth twice as much.
    And, there is about to be two years of construction on this block.
    Comments anyone? DId the house on the corner sell yet (at the end of postcard row)?

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