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First listed for $3,999,999 in February, reduced a few times, and last asking $3,199,000 (before being withdrawn from the MLS in September), 722 Steiner has been relisted anew for $2,950,000. And the listing now notes: “Seller MUST sell, will consider all offers.”

Once again, Matthew Kavanaugh developed the 700 block of Steiner Street between 1892 and 1896, now known as San Francisco’s Postcard Row. Originally the developer’s own home, 722 Steiner at Grove was slated for demolition in the 1970’s but survived and was restored.

∙ Listing: 722 Steiner (5/4.5) – $2,950,000 [722steiner.com] [MLS]

10 thoughts on ““Seller MUST Sell” 722 Steiner”
  1. Does anyone think this moves at $2.75M? That’s what they were listing the main house for earlier.
    Also, EBGuy, do you have detail on amounts? Or maybe inclinejj does?

  2. I don’t understand some people. When this home expired off the market he refused to talk to new agents about a new approach.
    I really feel sorry that they are in a difficult position now. It looks like someone will be getting the best home at a bargain!

  3. even $2.7 is too much for this place. on a relative value basis there are much better places in much better nabes.
    this is like that 102 funston place in the sense that both are being stranded by the receding tide…

  4. This house’s problem has always been its lack of outdoor space. The other painted ladies don’t share it.

  5. $2+million homes should give you a better degree of safety, location-wise. they should be surrounded by blocks and blocks of similarly exclusive houses.

  6. welcome to the city, anonee. It ain’t Danville.
    But yes, I take your point, this isn’t the best neighborhood in the world. But it’s worlds better than it was a decade or two back.

  7. The whole neighborhood around Alamo Square is a trail of tears for sellers lately…
    Nice house, too expensive, what’s new?

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