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On Friday, five days after a fifty-one thousand dollar reduction, the list price for 722 Steiner was reduced another $210,000. Now asking $3,589,000 for the Shannon-Kavanaugh House (10 percent under its original list price of $3,999,999).

∙ Listing: 722 Steiner (5/4.5) – $3,589,000 [722steiner.com]

8 thoughts on “722 Steiner: Reduced Again (By Postage For 750,000 Postcards)”
  1. Nice place, but I don’t see why you need to use wide-angle lenses in a 4000+ sqft house. Pretty cool to show a really old picture of this place in the listing photos too.

  2. Is it a victorian thing to have beds facing diagonally? I’ve seen this on a number of victorian properties.
    Exquisite home, they don’t build them like this anymore, which says a lot about what we’ve become as Americans.

  3. When wall space in a bedroom is not long enough to accommodate a king or queen size bed your only choice is to place the bed against a window or diagonally in a corner – or get a smaller bed.

  4. It’s a beautiful house but the bathrooms allocation is odd. There is no space on the main level so they stuck a half bath on the top landing between the stairs that goes down to the garage and the door leading to the living room. There is no door facing the the stairs (not enough space) so you just have to hope no one is walking up the stairs while you’re taking care of business. There are two master suites on the second floor but leaves no bathroom for the third bedroom that is not a master suite. I imagine having guests over and mostly likely no one wants to use the half-bath on the main floor and no one wants to use the bathrooms in the master suites in the second floor and so the person will have to walk up two flights of stairs for the third floor bathroom each time that person has to go. I think for the price you can get something a lot more functional.

  5. this trend of showing photos of several restaurants in a 6+ block radius of a house is growing really tiresome. if a buyer doesn’t know the neighborhood, should they be dropping $3.6MM for a property there? the worst offender was the website for the perkins house in presidio heights. just plain lame.

  6. The list price for 722 Steiner has just been reduced another $240,000 (7%), now asking $3,349,000 or 16% under its original list price of $3,999,999.

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