1581 Masonic

On Tuesday afternoon a tipster alerted us to the moving vans outside the Newsoms’ house at 1581 Masonic (purchased for $2,738,000 in June 2009), but we missed the shot.

As a prescient plugged-in reader wrote last August:

I bet if he loses the governor’s primary or the actual race, within six months he will be back in his natural habitat, well north of California Street, or perhaps in Marin. This neighborhood is purely a political decision. Far too many drug addicts and homeless right at the bottom of the park.

And yes, the Newsoms are moving to Marin. Care to double down on the resale (or rental) price for the District 5 home?

9 thoughts on “A Political Move”
  1. Wild guess: if he sells he’s probably going to cash out many six-figures and double-up again. Whatever the market, you can never lose if you’re in the right crowd…

  2. I agree with lol.. It’ll sell for asking, but only because of his various connections. He sold his one bedroom condo on Green for a little under asking back in 4/09 when NOTHING was selling for asking, and considerably more than he paid in 06 (although I don’t know when it was remodeled).

  3. Political personality + move = political move. I don’t think there’s anything political implied by the editor.

  4. Stucco: I’m pretty sure someone made a “Danville” comment when the story broke that he was moving into it.

  5. The Chronicle’s reporting that Gavin Newsom’s wife gave birth this morning to a boy, “according to Francisco Castillo, an aide to the former San Francisco mayor:”

    Hunter Siebel Newsom was born at 9:18 a.m. in San Francisco, Castillo said…He joins an older sister, 20-month-old Montana. The family recently moved from San Francisco to the Marin County community of Ross.

    So there you go. Several years hence, schoolmates can start calling Hunter and Montana rich kids from a wealthy neighborhood.
    All kidding aside, my best wishes to the family and congrats on the new arrival.

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