2209 9th Avenue
As we wrote in February 2009:

Purchased for $1,126,000 in 2005, remodeled and returned to the market for $1,195,000 in June of 2008, the Henry Hill home at 2209 9th Avenue was withdrawn without selling in July. Back on the market today and listed for $995,000.

We can’t call it an “apple” for a couple of reasons (including the view blocking new home next door), but we also wouldn’t dismiss this well designed data point out of hand.

As we added that June:

The list price was reduced to $939,000 in March. And while previously in escrow, today the listing was withdrawn from the MLS, either without a closed sale (most likely) or to avoid reporting the contract price (a not too uncommon new development trick).

And as a plugged-in tipster adds today, it would appear that the Henry Hill home at 2209 9th Avenue was returned to the bank three weeks ago with $687,900 owed on its first sold.
UPDATE: While we can’t yet confirm (stay tuned), our tipster has good reason to believe that it was actually a private party that picked up the property from the bank with a winning bid of $687,900 (versus over $900,000 owed).
UPDATE: Consider it confirmed, purchased on the courthouse steps for $687,900 cash.
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5 thoughts on “Oh Henry! As 2209 9th Avenue Is <strike>Handed Back To The Bank</strike> Sold!”
  1. It’s small, it’s not Henry Hill’s best house, and it’s also a cautionary tale: Don’t buy a house next to an empty lot.

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