2209 9th Avenue
It’s a mid-century modern home by Henry Hill that’s been remodeled. And according to the listing, the design “maintains [the] architect’s vision.” We’ll let the plugged-in Hill (or at least mid-century) enthusiasts make the call.
∙ Listing: 2209 9th Avenue (2/1) – $1,195,000 [MLS]

16 thoughts on “Mid-Century Modern That’s Been Remodeled: 2209 9th Avenue”
  1. This is directly above the San Marcos lot/plans that was panned for not fitting the neighborhood.

  2. If a realtor is going to use “stunning” (why, oh why is *everything* in realtor-land “stunning”?) they could at least spell it correctly. Sheesh!

  3. According to Property Shark, the house is only 1200 sq ft. That makes the asking price about $1000 per sq ft!

  4. 2035 9th sold for 955,000. It was a 2/1, 950 sq ft, traditional Marina tunnel style home in good condition but not updated. A second house at 2027 9th ave, almost identical to 2035 9th, but 2/2, has not sold at 979,000 asking. However, these wee not in Forest Hill proper as 2209 9th is. Also, 2209 9th is surrounded by homes of much higher value. The house next to it (on the left in photo) is a brand new contemporay.

  5. Love Forest Hill. It’s got to be one of the single most green, tree-lined, clean neighborhoods in the city with architecturally interesting and well-maintained homes.

  6. This indeed is a stunning house. It was for sale a couple of years ago, having suffered a number of unfortunate remuddlings over the years. Happily it appears those have been removed, and it has been returned to its pristine more or less original state. In the meantime however, the vacant lot next door has been developed (by an owner-architect) so some view has been lost.

  7. Beautiful house and nice area. There are great Henry Hill houses around the Bay Area.
    But why oh why did they stage it to look like a tract house in Pleasanton?

  8. zzzzzzz, let’s not forget St Francis Wood, which is equally nice and has Terrace Park and private tennis courts to boot …

  9. Just saw the house this wknd…Simply Amazing!! A question to [plantguy]: How many houses in Pleasanton have Naguci coffee tables?!!? This Henry Hill home is furnished with incredible taste and style. Oh why oh why are you spending so much time in pleasaton track homes…your credibility is shot.

  10. Fluj,
    Are you there? What do you think this house is worth? It’s very unique. Great neighborhood but probably only 1200 square feet with only 1 bathroom (upstairs).

  11. This is a tough one. Forest Hill, surprisingly, only commands about $700 a foot on average. You can’t simply take that and extrapolate it outward on a property as high quality as this one, tho. The property last sold for $1.126 in 2005, and that was with a nearly 300K overbid. Since then they’ve remodelled extensively.
    I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings but I’d put it at like $1.095M. That would be 900+ a foot out in front of the curve for the area. This is sort of the end result of what happens when someone falls in love with a property and both overspends and overbuilds. Judging by how lovely everything appears to be they probably can afford to take a loss. It appears likely they will as well.

  12. Thanks so much Fluj! I didn’t realize they paid that much for it. For a unique house in a great neighborhood, 1.095 is a pretty fair deal.

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