765 Market #27A
In 2007 the 3,318 square foot #27A at San Francisco’s Four Seasons (765 Market Street) was purchased for $5,000,000. Since then the three-bedroom condo has been redesigned (think moving a bath and the kitchen) and renovated with “signature details” by Orlando Diaz-Azcuy Design Associates (think not cheap).
And while you won’t currently find it on the public facing MLS, and it’s far from being an “apple,” the property is back on the market and asking $7,600,000 which includes the custom designed furniture.
UPDATE (1/11): While not up by the time we first published (yes, we checked), a property specifc website for 765 Market Street #27A is now live with a “price upon request” (which plugged-in people already know) and many more photos.
∙ Listing: 765 Market Street #27A (3/4.5) 3,318 sqft – $7,600,000 [fourseasons27a.com]

21 thoughts on “San Francisco’s Four Seasons (765 Market) #27A: Winter 2011”
  1. any shots of the before? This looks funky to me, modern stainless cabinet faces in the kitchen, then a traditional looking bathroom…..modern living area then the traditional den. Im all about mixing old and new but this seems a bit odd, and quit the markup

  2. $7.6 million for someone else’s dream . . .
    It would make a great corporate apartment for a company with way too much extra cash.

  3. “And what is Sawbuck?”
    From the site:
    About Sawbuck
    Sawbuck Realty is an online real estate broker that combines an industry-leading Web site with an award-winning, consumer-friendly business model. The company connects buyers and sellers with top local real estate agents and streamlines their transactions.
    Sawbuck’s site, service and model provide radical transparency and consumer value that is unique in the world of real estate. Bankrate.com included Sawbuck among its “Best Sites for Online Home Shopping” list and the company was awarded an Inman News Innovator Award as the “Most Innovative Brokerage” in 2008.
    Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Sawbuck’s network of real estate agent partners currently serve the Baltimore, Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Providence, San Diego and Washington DC metro area real estate markets. The company plans to expand to several new markets in 2010, including Philadelphia, Austin, San Antonio, Seattle and Portland.

  4. Pardon my ignorance, but how do you move a bathroom and kitchen in a highrise? I always thought this was virtually impossible given how plumbing/electrical are set up in these buildings.

  5. Pardon my ignorance, but how do you move a bathroom and kitchen in a highrise? I always thought this was virtually impossible given how plumbing/electrical are set up in these buildings.

    You swap them? Anyway, who cares. No barbecue is a deal breaker for me. (Although the sauna with the toilet is pretty sweet)

  6. Not sure about certain details of this unit, but the Four Seasons Residencies are amazing. A friend has a unit one floor down and another had a unit directly above this one (on the market currently). The views are fantastic, attention to detail from the concierge is impeccable and the amenities are quite nice, too.

  7. @eddy: “Who needs a bidet when you have a concierge?”
    What a horrible job being a concierge must be! I didn’t realize that was on the list of responsibilities.

  8. hmmm…. this is one of my least liked RE luxury pr0n homes in quite a while.
    maybe it is just the chaotic and odd staging, the worst of which is putting built in seating against the wall to floor windows as eddy says.
    but there just seems to be absolutely no wow factor, and the finishes don’t seem to go well together well at all. Maybe it shows better in person.
    I would probably swap out the marble explosion in the bathrooms first I guess… either that or the beige carpet. What were they thinking? Luxury to me is beautiful hardwood floors with expensive luxury area rugs on top if you need some “soft” floors, that might even cover 80+% of the beautiful floors… but with enough wood so that people can SEE how beautiful your floors are that you just blithely cover up with a $150,000 hand knotted persian rug from 45 B.C.
    I don’t know… $7.6M is a lot to pay for such a clash of… uh… stuff.

  9. Pardon my ignorance, but how do you move a bathroom and kitchen in a highrise
    very carefully (pipework for certain, tanks and sumps if necessary–expensive, expensive, expensive)

  10. Everyone has opinions about the decor, but I’d love to hear
    if the RE professionals think this is a realistic price. $2,500
    per sq. ft. seems astronomical.
    And it doesn’t really seem like Orlando’s style.

  11. This seems overpriced by a minimum of $2MM. Agree with Ex-SFer, I didn’t like how it all the design elements tied together.

  12. Looks like Sawbuck has removed the marble laundry room and the “sauna-toilet” from the website. Wow SS really has an impact.
    [Editor’s Note: Well, that goes without saying. Or at least it should. But keep in mind the changes would be made at the listing level rather than the relisting site to which we pointed simply because it was the only publicly available option at the time (see UPDATE above or note below).]

  13. Yup. No “wow” factor. Kitchen looks funky and your neighbors look to be 3 feet away. No walking around nude there.

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