2505 3rd Street
On tap for a vote at tomorrow’s Planning Commission meeting, a request to convert an 8,300 square foot vacant ground floor space inside the American Industrial Center at 2505 3rd Street (corner of 22nd) into a 5,900 square foot Magnolia Brewery and 2,400 square foot full-service restaurant.

The proposed brewery is designed to add capacity to Magnolia’s total beer production in order to meet increased demand at its restaurant, to supply beer to the proposed new restaurant, and to meet existing wholesale demand. The brewery will initially contain three to four fermentation vessels and produce 60 to 80 barrels per week.

Brewing operations will take place during regular weekday hours, with occasional brewing on weekends as needed. Deliveries would be limited to several per week from vendors, and one to three pick‐ups per week.

The restaurant concept is not completely finalized, but the final concept and food program is expected to be similar to the Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery and Alembic Bar, its sister restaurant also in the Haight.

And with respect to other items on the Planning Commission agenda, it appears as though the ongoing debate over the proposed development at 35 Lloyd will be continued for at least another week.
San Francisco’s Planning Commission Agenda: 12/2/10 [sf-planning.org]
35 Lloyd Redux: It’s Getting Hot Out There In Here… [SocketSite]

16 thoughts on “On Tap At Tomorrow’s Planning Meeting: A Magnolia Brewery On Third”
  1. I assume the Brewery/Restaurant would go in next door to Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous Ice Cream? Could make for another nice addition to the developing Dogpatch neighborhood to go along with Hard Knox, Just for you, Piccino (and its soon to open larger restaurant), Yield Wine Bar, and Serpentine.
    And of course may bring more of the Potrero residents down the hill more often, but I do hope future developments in the coming Eastern Neighborhoods Plan includes some serious vision for parking. I hope to see Dogpatch continue to develop though as Mission Bay development moves further up Third Street.

  2. I can’t imagine any substantial opposition to this proposed use. It seems like an excellent fit and will enhance the neighborhood.

  3. Awesome..parking should be easier than the Haight location…
    I wish Anchor Steam would open up a restaurant or a tasting room too! Followed by Speakeasy, which is also down (way down) 3rd also…
    I vote they replace the design center, with local designer showcase tasting rooms for beer.

  4. “I wish Anchor Steam would open up a restaurant…”
    you may get your wish as Anchor just changed hands a few months ago (after nearly a half century of family ownership !)
    “… or a tasting room too!”
    This wish is granted. Anchor does have a tasting room though you need to reserve a tour to visit it : http://www.anchorbrewing.com/about_us/tourinfo.htm
    I just made a reservation – thanks for the reminder !

  5. to: Poor in Pac Hts
    Speakeasy, a block from the main Post Office down near 3rd and Evans, opens its doors 4pm every Friday for a beer tasting – 3 bucks a pop with 6 or 7 brews on tap. They also do a complimentary brewery tour, theer’s usally catering from a local tacqueria, and occasionaly live music.
    I work nearby – folks come from all over.

  6. ^^^^Thanks. Sounds fun. Now if Speakeasy would only make something with less specific gravity than maple syrup, I’d be all over it. Drinking those brews is like eating a loaf of banana bread, except instead of banana they use hops hops hops.

  7. Wrong again fluj, there you go quoting from the Pilsner hand book. Do you have any information to back up what you’re saying, because all of the data I have looked at points to Speakeasy being Awesome.

  8. Interesting distillation of the Pilsner hand book. Kudos. But follow my logic, Sparky-b. Biff and Sally went to an Apple store in NYC and didn’t buy anything on Black Friday. Therefore, Speakeasy drinks a little on the heavy side.

  9. Great that they will have a professional brewery location instead of the basement at the Masonic/Haight location, which could reek to high heaven on brewing days often requiring sudden changes of lunch or dinner plans.
    But I do hope they do not follow the sophmoric and creepy style of the interior remodel they did to the Masonic/Haight location a few years ago. Faux smoke stains and fake cracks on the walls and ceilings are a poor combination with real beer.

  10. “On tap”? I like it.
    I hope this gets done sooner than lager.
    At yeast it’ll be another worthwhile destination in Dogpatch.

  11. i have no idea why these breweries haven’t opened more sites in the mission/potrero area. I mean really – the buildings are there and certainly the drinkers are there!! I dream about opening a brewery restaurant in the mission – I mean c’mon! seems obvious

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