As a hand-lettered “lost our lease” sign hangs in the window of the DeLano’s IGA at 18th and Collingwood, and it’s expected to be closed within the next two weeks, the natural question atop our readers’ minds: could this pave the way for a Trader Joe’s in the Castro?
Trader Joe’s Reportedly “Outed” From The Castro Over Traffic [SocketSite]

22 thoughts on “Could DeLano’s Loss Be A Trader Joe’s Gain For The Castro?”
  1. what is this, the old bell? it’d be great as a tjs! the garage may not have enough parking for a store that size, though.

  2. I’m thinking too small for TJ’s – though would love it if they were to give it a go – but how about a larger Bi-Rite? I don’t think they’d cannibalize their existing location five blocks away. Come on Sam – make it so…

  3. Whatever it becomes, it will not stay vacant for long. The space and location is too valuable for that.
    How bout a mini Whole Foods?
    Don’t hate me.

  4. TJ pleeeaaase.
    Plus the city will be less likely to balk as it would fit right into an existing grocery space with its own garage capacity and local client base.

  5. “Plus the city will be less likely to balk”
    As long as a bunch of NIMBYs didn’t complain that the supply trucks would block the road, or whatever the complaint was against the other proposed store. TJ’s would be smart to stay away from this city’s NIMBYs. As they say, “fool me once, shame on you…”

  6. NIMBYs? I think residents who’re afraid of cars invading their space have left the 18th street corridor around Castro a long time ago.

  7. Can we get a TJ at the 28th and Geary location as well? Or, really, anything? With the Delano’s closing there as well, the only full-service grocery stores in the Richmond West of Laurel Village are now the Safeways at 8th and Ocean Beach. There’s a parking lot there already, though not a large one.

  8. the garage may not have enough parking for a store that size
    Parking?!?!?!? They have parking!?!?!? Totally unsuitable for that location. Imagine the chaos if a food store tried to open at that location with parking…

  9. On a given day there are multiple beer delivery trucks blocking 18th plus an occasional stranded muni bus so it would be business as usual here…the parking lot is always empty and most people come here by foot or muni – it would be a win win situation!!

  10. Yes, MichelleL, I can vouch for the ever-empty garage.
    One thing though: DeLano’s is not the most popular place and doesn’t attract many outsider. It’s a more expensive walkable Safeway. And people who are looking for a Safeway-style place… just go to Church and Market.
    If this were to become a TJ’s, the crowd would be a bit bigger. NV, Valencia, Corona Heights and Duboce would do the quick hop there. The lazies would take their cars of course. But no big deal. This is a busy area already.

  11. Garage is not “always” empty, or even “ever” empty. Sometimes when I drive there, I have to wait for a spot.
    Be truthful, not just dramatic.

  12. “And there is a small TJs in Colma or SSF”
    It’s in South City right next to South City BART. The Millbrae Trader Joe’s isn’t that far from Millbrae BART, but would require quite a bit more walking. If you wanted a TJ’s you could drive to, that’s not on Masonic, you could easily go to Stonestown or to Daly City (further from Daly City BART than Millbrae TJ’s is from Millbrae BART, if I remember correctly).

  13. noearch, that’s probably due to your shopping times. I live a block away. Most traffic to Delano’s is foot traffic.

  14. Are you all crazy? Parking? Why would you allow parking? We are going to have our own car-free “transit first” heaven here in the PRSF even if it makes us miserable.
    Just ask Kathrin or her poodle Christina.
    If they want to open a TJ, they should be forced to close the parking and build homeless housing there.
    Cars are the worst invention in the history of the human race.

  15. Trader Joe’s should open at the Delano’s at 23rd St and S. Van Ness. It has a large parking lot, and is accessible to lots of TJ’s shoppers by foot, bike, or transit.

  16. Yes, aren’t cars just the most evil thing ever to land on this planet?
    Well, so are hipster boys in flip flops.

  17. We really need a Trader Joe’s that is not as far as Masonic, South of Market and the Wharf. There is parking and there is alot of foot traffic by people who do not own cars, such as myself. In this economy, we need to concentrate on grocery stores that give you value for your money and not just high-end stores such as Whole Foods, which not everyone can afford or wants to spend 1/2 of their salary on. Then we will have our Safeway, Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

  18. I heard Tesco’s Fresh & Easy is interested in the closing Delano’s on 18th in the Castro. Ralphs Supermarkets sub-leases the building to DeLano’s. They evicted them because they owe back rent on the store plus 5 others.

  19. Too Bad Delano’s can’t seem to get it together and be a healthy competitor in the grocery market. It would be nice to have options. The one in the Castro is not that bad but, the one in the Mission is like trying to buy bread in remote regions of Russia.

  20. It’s a perfect location for a TJ’s. Now, for those of you who say that the traffic will be an issue, I live across the street, so if anyone should be affected by the traffic issue it would be me. But let’s say that Delano’s had been a hugely popular store. Would the city or residents in the Castro have gone to Delano’s management and said “your store is too popular and is creating a nightmare outsite on the streets and you need to move someplace else?” No, they would have just accepted that it was that way it was and dealt with it. Do we want commerce in the Castro or not? TJ’s please move in there next!! 🙂

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