2950 Broadway (Image Source: 2950broadway.com)
As we wrote in May of 2009:

It’s the outer Broadway mansion from which Melvin Belli ran naked “firing a pistol at his wife who hosted a real estate show for the highest priced properties on television.”

It’s a Frederick Herman Meyer design, and an ex-Decorator Showcase home (Miss 1987 to be exact). And as a tipster notes, 2950 Broadway is in the process of getting prepped for sale and “coming soon” (asking $39,500,000).

Also noted, it’s perhaps the only Gold Coast property with an outdoor pool.

And while it’s still not listed inventory, it’s a plugged-in tipster that notes after a year and a half on the market the asking price for the 24 Karat Gold Coast home at 2950 Broadway has been reduced 14 percent, which in this case represents $5,600,000.
Now asking $33,900,000. And did we mention that outdoor pool?
2950 Broadway Pool Aerial
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20 thoughts on “Belli Would Be Fired Up As 2950 Broadway Is Reduced By $5,600,000”
  1. Neither this home, or 2701 Broadway (aka 2563 Divis) should command a price tag in the $30M range. I really don’t understand why these agents are trying to get these prices. It’s becoming very hard to ‘make’ the market right now with asking price. There are buyers out there for these properties. But these homes are astronomically priced. I’d put a 10% premium on 2701 since it is “done” for the most part. Just hard to put an exact price on these homes.

  2. If there was a house in SF that was worth $30M, this would be it.
    I guess if the St. Regis penthouse is worth $49M (that’s a huge “if”) then this is worth $30M.

  3. Anybody know what the deal is with the house to the right in the photo? The rear landscaping appears to be contiguous with 2950 (planting bed, boxwood hedge, lawn, Rhodies, azaleas, etc)?

  4. Don’t forget that 2808 Broadway is also for sale for 25 million… I think a couple of other homes on this block have been soft-marketed as well..
    Since nothing has sold in this price range since the Bebo house two years ago, who knows what this place could actually sell for. Even though this house isn’t in perfect condition, the facade, location and views, for me anyway, put it miles ahead of 2701 Divisadero– I mean “Broadway.” I think the price will drop by more than 10 million before anything happens here.
    It looks like the only high-end home to move recently is 2939 Vallejo listed at 8.5, with the catch that you kind of have to buy the vacant lot next door separately. I wonder what that will close for?

  5. Careful with the references to the Malin listings or you will be accused of working for her! My point on the Divis/Broadway home is that it is done. 2950 needs some major floorplan work and it wont be cheap. No doubt this is a stellar location.

  6. That price is absurd.
    In what reality are they living where they think they could possibly get $33,900,000 for a house?
    This place isn’t worth a dime over $33,000,000.

  7. There are three wonderful rooms in this house – the floor through living room and master bedroom above it, and the dining room, which faces north. Ok, maybe the small breakfast room facing the south garden. The rest is a rabbit warren of ill conceived spaces. Great curb appeal…the rest…not so much.

  8. While it has been on the market for two years, as a plugged-in tipster notes, 2950 Broadway has just been listed on the MLS for $33,900,000. And in the eyes of industry stats and reports, that’s “one” day on the market (DOM) for the Broadway manse.

  9. this is my fathers home, i grew up in in this home, i am now 40 years old, we celebrated many christmases and birthdays, and with my fathers passing we are not urgently trying to sell it. i wish there were some one who understood the personality of watching the 49rs here upstairs, or the oakland raiders or even the oakland A’s in this home. i have enjoyed many birthdays and have seen many girlfriends come and go. i live else where now, however im astonished at a few of the crappy comments made by loosers or real estate agents who wish they could have. this was my child hood home, i had many bad report cards, and suspensoins as you can imagine, and i hope a quality individual, like the young man who own facebook decides to take a look. if not we the mcguire family shall be fine. i cannot move in here with the ghost of my beloved father whom i miss so much. to rest of you, i wish you all the best even though it wont be a fraction of what i enjoy as life now, i miss my dera father soooo much, but i suppose you shall never understand, its not my fault that what he chose to do for as living became Extremely fruitful. i am just a man.
    best regards, and watch your comments, as god will get you in the end, chris

    1. hey chris, i was there for your fourth of july party watching the fireworks at chrissy field from your backyard!
      those were the days..

  10. If I don’t get you, then santa will! The funny thing is I don’t think chris is talking about watching the As, 49ers and raiders on TV. They were probably AT his house. But seriously, we all want this home to sell and for as much as possible. We need the tax revenue.

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