2409 Octavia

A month ago we asked readers to envision solutions for finishing off the lower third of the façade at 2409 Octavia. Our Halloween weekend top three:

3. While the windows might need to be faux, it’s always nice to see more green.

2409 Octavia Landscaped

2. An homage to 909 Tennessee (the last open house for which is November 9).

2409 Octavia Firehouse

1. And while likely not to be appreciated every day, it would be a hit a least once a year.

2409 Octavia Teeth


UPDATE: An hour after publishing this piece, the list price for 2409 Octavia was reduced $457,000 (13%), now asking $2,990,000. Boo.

2 thoughts on “Tricks And Treats”
  1. The third graphic is the best representation of what a garage door signifies to such a beautiful single family home. Seriously, something needs to be done about that blank wall.

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