2409 Octavia
Seven units with a stucco façade when purchased in 1977, over the past thirty years the owners of 2409 Octavia have rebuilt the façade and recombined a few of the units; it’s now a three-level home over two legal units.
Back on the market and asking $3,447,000, bonus points for a photoshopped solution for finishing off the garage a bit more.
∙ Listing: 2409 Octavia (6/4.5) – $3,447,000 [Zephyr] [MLS]

28 thoughts on “From Seven To Three (And Rebuilt Facade) Over The Past Thirty Years”
  1. The problem with the street level is not so much lack of detail, but lack of sense of entry.
    It appears you need to go past the neighbor’s sewer pipes around the corner to enter.

  2. And yet that patio area over the garage provides an excellent staging area to prepare the boiling oil to repel anyone trying to scale the battlements.

  3. Two stories to the front door, then three more flights to the top is going to get very old, very fast. Your knees will be shot in a year!

  4. Entrance is to the left of the garage. Better pics in the MLS photos. The income units look like dungeons and look as if they are occupied; so you’re inheriting tenants, good or bad depending on ppl and rents. I’m not an expert on SFHs w/ income units, so I guess the price depends on the rents but this feels a bit high to me. There is a lot to like about this place, but there is also some serious miami vice tile effects going on in there.

  5. Think of the stairs as a built-in gym membership. Don’t be such wusses. You sound like the people who have to park right next to the front door of the gym – as though walking a few steps will kill you.

  6. although not my style, there is a lot to like about this place. Tall ceilings, good light. Layout looks ok as far as I can tell from pics.
    the kitchens and baths are most unfortunate, but I like that they left them instead of putting in cheap maple/granite/SS kitchen. might as well let the prospective owners do that.
    the contrast between front facade and garage facade is striking.
    overall, after new kitchen and baths and a few upgrades here and there this place could be quite nice.

  7. So in Pacific Heights, you can go from 7 units to 2. But in the Portola, you can’t go from 1 unit to 1. I see how it works now.
    Pretty ugly facade with the garage taking over. I like the boiling oil idea.

  8. I’m sure the unit mergers were done ages ago. Anyone have any idea? Trust me, planning loathed to grant DUMs especially in pac heights.

  9. Three flights aren’t a big deal for young, healthy, childless people. However, if you’re disabled or elderly, you’re going to become more house bound. If you have young children, have fun lugging your car seat, stroller, diaper bag, etc. up and down the stairs every day.

  10. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I think this place is a mess. Sure there are some fantastic original details and woodwork, but far too few to warrant the asking price. A major “fixer” in my book.

  11. Whoever designed the main kitchen must have been a huge fan of Tetris. I would have to gut it immediately.
    I don’t think the house is a major fixer — the rentals leave much to be desired, and I wouldn’t want to live there, but some people don’t care if they live in caves.

  12. This is a beautiful home. Well put together, room for the whole family AND two rental units to assist with the land taxes and earthquake insurance whatta beauty.

  13. The couple who will end up buying this have money coming out of their alimentary canal; they probably aren’t going to use the top-level room for ballroom dancing practice even if they are young and childless.
    They’ll probably have a private Yogi or Pilates instructor come over three times a week for personal instruction, and use that room for the studio, instead. The instructor will lead them through all manner of stretches and exercises to strengthen the knees and the three flights of stairs won’t be a big deal at all after a few months.

  14. As noted above, the list price for 2409 Octavia has been reduced another $290,000 (10%), now asking $2,700,000 or 22% under its original list price of two months ago.

  15. Getting closer, and good for them for chopping the price here. I love these old school comps where the seller has everything to gain. We’ll see a good market price here, but the apartment units, whether rented, or un-rented, will obfuscate the true comp unfortunately. Anyone know about the rental units? I’m going to go with just a guess of $2.454M.

  16. While the sale of 2409 Octavia appears to have closed escrow two weeks ago, the MLS has just been updated to reflect a reported contract price of $2,300,000 (33 percent under original list) for the 5,950 square foot property.

  17. Ha ha, this went WAY under all of the bulls’ estimates. Clearly a sign of major market weakness.
    (I’m just poking fun at eddy for doing the opposite on Gough – his was the only guess and it wasn’t that far off – 6.7%, 3 months before it sold).

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