3816 22nd Landing

With an official 209 days on the market and an “original list price” of $4,800,000 (despite first being listed for $6,375,000 in May of 2008), Firehouse 44 (a.k.a. 3816 22nd Street) is, in fact, now in contract although with contingencies still in place.

As we wrote this past December: “Today, the listing for 3816 22nd Street was withdrawn from the MLS after 558 days on the market. Will Firehouse 44 return in 2010 refreshed and as inventory anew?” It returned to the market two months later.

UPDATE (8/16): To quote Emily Litella, never mind. According to the MLS, 3816 22nd Street has just fallen out of contract.

17 thoughts on “Firehouse 44 (3816 22nd Street) Catches On Contract”
  1. Wow! I walk by this place pretty regularly. I wouldn’t even begin to wager a guess on the ultimate selling price.

  2. Someone has way too much money to burn. I hope the buyer got a big discount. The neighborhood and the current price just don’t add up. That is Presidio Heights/Pac Heights pricing.

  3. The neighborhood and the current price just don’t add up. That is Presidio Heights/Pac Heights pricing
    Don’t you think that if the same structure was sat on Sacramento and Laurel it would be at least 1.5 times more money?

  4. I bet this is going for the low $4m, which might still be too much for what you get.
    Normal width lot, w/o views, nice finishes but really choppy floor plan.
    Either an old couple who could care less about money or a young person that thinks it’s cool and doesn’t know any better.

  5. realtorhomme:
    No, not anymore. That would be 1200 per square foot.
    I think that much of Pres/Pac Heights(widely considered to be a more desirable and prestigious neighborhood than Noe Valley) is now down to 800 per square foot or less. A good comp to check out would be 315 Laurel street in escrow for 3.4, maybe even less. I went to the open and per the agent that house, if finished, is over 5000 square feet. It was quite large.
    You do the math.

  6. Don’t know about that. Hard to quantify what the specialness premium might be in another neighborhood. We’d need a converted firehouse or church in areas 7 to really get a line on it.

  7. Ugh.. they ruined it. They took a cool-ass firehouse, and turned into some soulless pottery barn ad. They took all the cool out of the fire.

  8. Interested to know who bought this. It’s definitely unique.
    When I walked through this place I kept thinking – not a place I would want to live in, but the perfect place to throw a huge benefit/fundraiser type party with art-to-purchase on the walls, or something crazy, what with the million levels/etc.

  9. Was beginning to wonder if everyone – including the listing agents and sellers – had forgotten about this place. The California Republic flag flying on the flagpole out front has been faded, worn and tattered for months now.

  10. Not surprising. I still liked it better as the funky live/work space before the uber-chic remod. The price just doesn’t make any sense for the hood. But at least, I supppose, it’s not as crazy as “the castle on the park”.

  11. Interesting. My experience shows me here that the seller will typically lower the asking price to the previously accepted in-escrow price. So my guess is that this home was in contract at the newly listed $4.25 figure. One has to wonder how much profit is left in this project.

  12. “A good comp to check out would be 315 Laurel street in escrow for 3.4, maybe even less.”
    A lot less. It sold for 3.150
    Elegant, spacious SFR, A+++ neighborhood. $630psft.
    (Noise button in upper right corner of web site)

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