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Once again, as plugged-in people know, following a false start at the end of 2008 Turnberry has been shopping their entitled lot for 227 units at 45 Lansing since 2009.
According to the San Francisco Business Times, Miami-based developer Crescent Heights is now in contract to purchase the site from Turnberry for $13 million, 57 percent less than Turnberry paid for the site back in 2006 ($30 million).
Crescent Heights is still seeking for financing for its 750-unit development at 1401 Market Street which hasn’t seen much movement over the past three years. We’re not expecting the current residents at 45 Lansing to receive eviction notices anytime soon.
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  1. Posted by Malcolm Kaufman

    Yes, the deal is in the works, but the probable outcome is that the new owner will build apartments, not condos, and will file a condo map for conversion down the road.

  2. Posted by spitpalm

    What does this mean for approved design?

  3. Posted by Kurt Brown

    Is 40 cents on the dollar for commercial property in SF the “new normal” rate of return for boom acquisitions? This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve heard that number in the past year.

  4. Posted by nutcar

    I hope they build it 40 stories tall and that they build a long mechanical arm that extends all the way to Gil’s house and thermodynamically creates rain clouds which encompasses him in grayness every minute of the day.

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