Battery Caulfield Road
Having just finished the renovation and conversion of the Public Health Service Hospital into the 154-unit Presidio Landmark with parking for all residents at the end of Battery Caulfield Road, the Presidio Trust is now considering two approaches to limit cut-through vehicular on said road in the name of “public health and safety, to protect environmental values, to protect natural resources, and to avoid conflict among visitor uses.”
The two proposed approaches are: 1) limitation of vehicular use during weekday peak AM and PM hours, 7 to 9 am and 5 to 7 pm, as well as on weekends (Alternative 1); and 2) limitation of vehicular use at all times (Alternative 2).
Comments on the proposed limits will be accepted until September 1.
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11 thoughts on “Will There Be A(nother) Battle Over Battery Caulfield Road?”
  1. So now it’s a part time gated community under Option (1), or full time under (2). Nice. How about Option (3) – just leave it alone and let natural traffic patterns evolve.
    Option 1 is the right answer but I’d not restrict on the weekends.

  2. Also, under option 1, or 2 for that matter, how exactly do they propose to restrict such use. Are there any other restricted use provisions for roadways in the Presidio along these lines? Or is this only for the luxury residents?

  3. eddy: They will probably put DPT personnel like they do on Market Street during peak hours. I like Battery Caulfield Road, and wouldn’t want it’s use limited.

  4. Funny that this is now “under comments” because it was part of the agreement that the developer and the Presidio made with the neighborhoods in order to get the go ahead to do this project. Interesting that they would reneg once they got the project built.
    since most of the traffic on battery caufield road is cut through to the bridge, the thought was to put raisable arm barriers at the top and bottom of the road and give residents and service vehicles card keys that would open them.

  5. Just put speed bumps every 25 feet for the entire Battery Caulfield Road. It’s cheaper in the long run. No DPT involved. It only keeps Monroe shocks in business which is good for the economy. However, the Presidio Land Trust folks should pay for these bumps and should have planned for this possible shortcut mess in the original eir. we, the concerned immediate neighbors were as usual just shoved aside during the various public meetings held before re-construction.

  6. Instead of speed bumps perhaps their more suave and sophisticated cousin speed hump could be employed. Humps are more expensive than bumps but are far nicer to drive over. If you keep your speed low, you feel just a rise and a drop with no jarring smack to the underside of your car. And they’re almost unnoticeable on a bicycle.

  7. It looks like EH and Milkshake have not been on this road for a while. There are currently 2 speed bumps on the entire length of the road spaced about 250 feet apart which are strategically placed where there are inclines to slow vehicles down…not necessarily to deter traffic. The bikers can still ride in the middle of the speedbumps where it is road level or in the ditch closest to the sidewalks.

  8. my 2 cents.
    this is one of the remaining green spaces in SF and should not be congested with cars.
    Park Presidio (main thoroughfare) is only 2 blks away, so it doesn’t seem too inconvenient for the residents of the new building and lake st. area to take park presidio instead of battery caulfied to avoid congestion in the park. So i do think battery caulfield should be blocked during peak times, even for residents of the new buildings.
    The only people who should be able to drive through are those who live in the interior of the presidio as they will need a way to exit and enter. Maybe a gate with a key card for current presidio residents.

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