Hugo Hotel in San Francisco (
“As a courtesy to the Artist…[Redevelopment] Agency staff is recommending entering into a Permit to Enter with the Artist [Brian Goggin] to keep Defenestration in place until the Agency is ready to demolish the existing building and replace it with affordable housing.”
Hugo Hotel display likely to get reprieve [San Francisco Examiner]
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6 thoughts on “Hugo Hotel’s Flying Furniture Update, No Word On The Graffiti”
  1. Curious if the art was ever cited as being part of the blight that led to the eminent domain claim?
    Doesn’t make much sense to leave a building vacant for a decade, or does it?

  2. Leave it up a few more years and Defenestration will become a historical landmark. It has almost reached the age that it has been in the city longer than most current residents.

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