3816 22nd Landing

It’s been on the market since May 22, 2008. And during that time the asking price has dropped from $6,375,000 to $5,175,000. And no, 3816 22nd Street (a.k.a. Firehouse 44) isn’t in contract.

But a new photo has been added to the listing (although not the one above). Perhaps it’s an attempt to keep the 515 days on the market listing “fresh.”

Once again, a few of the “before” photos and history.

∙ Listing: 3816 22nd Street (4/4.5) 6,140 sqft – $5,175,000 [firehouse44.com]

18 thoughts on “A “Fresh” Look At Firehouse 44 (3816 22nd Street) After 515 Days”
  1. My guess is that this is a wishing price and the owner is just happily living in the home. Too bad Evan didn’t fall in love with this home instead. I’ll take it for $2.5M, but this is probably more like $3.5.

  2. I’d be surprised if anyone is living in this house. I go by it all the time and have never seen any signs of life. If this is the case, they can probably afford to keep it on the market forever.

  3. Firehouses are hot hot hot! 😉
    Just saw there’s another firehouse for sale on Oak between Octavia and Gough. And don’t forgot the one in D7 that’s up for sale at around $8m (I forget where it is) with all the wacky dead animal skins.
    [Editor’s Note: With respect to Traina’s D7 firehouse (which is actually asking $3.9m): 3022 Washington Returns With The Traina Quote Of The Day.]

  4. I checked out the firehouse on Oak and Gough today. Wow. Stunning inside — and at a great price. Too bad I can’t afford it.

  5. Unless you’re an eccentric weirdo (see above), no one else wants to live in a converted firehouse, especially if they can afford a real SFH. I’ve seen firehouse/homes come on and off the market for years, and I can’t recall one ever selling. Likewise, the church/house on Dolores is starting to look pretty ridiculous…

  6. @anonn or anyone else – do you have the link to the firehouse on Oak? Couldn’t find it on the MLS

  7. I don’t think it’s in the IDX (public) view, Anthony. Also, best of luck this season. I will hopefully be drafting you in my fantasy league on Saturday.

  8. Thank You anonn. Do you happen to have the address and price?
    Please do draft me. I’m pretty good with rebounds, ft, blocks and possibly points. My fg % and turnovers might kill some of the positive stats. Plus, I might be next in Nellie’s doghouse.

  9. 229 Oak 1.76M 2500 sq ft 22 DOM. Do check it out. A future perennial all star such as yourself might just take a liking to a converted firehouse hayes valley property.

  10. Tracey Taylor, one of the people who blogs for sfgate.com’s “on the block” blog, used this place as an example of how “the high end of the home market is suffering” the other day.
    She wrote:

    Multi-million dollar properties across the Bay Area are languishing on the MLS, periodically cutting their asking prices, often to no avail. In San Francisco the dramatic converted fire station at 2816 22nd St has seen its price drop from $6,375,000 to $5,175,000 but still refuses to sell after being up for grabs for more than 18 months.

    I was thinking, “well, so what?” This place was a vanity property from the start, the developers knew that they were targeting financial-industry types who have a lot of disposable income to spend on Bolivian marching powder, high-end hookers and expensive foreign automobiles when they aren’t buying cool places to throw parties.
    If the lack of sales in this category does in fact indirectly indicate a lack of funds on the part of the target market or that the target market has shrunk appreciably in size, then that is all to the good unless you’re the listing agent. Welcome, everyone, to the New Sobriety!

  11. RE: “I don’t know the MLS but you get can get info on it at 229oak.com”
    A little bird told me 229 Oak will be on MLS in 1.5 weeks, listed at $1.49 (or so). Heads-up SS, that’s $1.76 for-sale-by-owner, dropped to $1.49 once it hits MLS. So we won’t be able to call it MLS deception, but at least we can call it a reduction in original ‘ask’. (Vanguard properties picked it up).

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