313 Duncan: Original

As plugged-in people already know, it was Owen Kennerly that led the sweet and complete transformation of 313 Duncan from that to this:

313 Duncan

Not yet officially listed, but now priced ($2,850,000) and “open” (with floor plans) online.

313 Duncan: Kitchen

And once again, we find ourselves enamored with the little guest house out back.

313 Duncan: Guest House

UPDATE: And now listed as well.

27 thoughts on “313 Duncan: Before, After, And All Its Insides Now “Online””
  1. the current owner (flipper) did a good job here. How much did he pay for it?
    Is he losing or making money from the whole deal?

  2. That backyard landscaping (in the photo here) has got a very socal look — quite grim actually, considering the rest of the place.
    It’s a great place (obviously), but it seems so out of place in Noe Valley!

  3. it’s very cute. I actually like the guest house just a little bit better than the main house! but I’m weird.
    I love the glass floors. I hate the staircase, but I’m guessing that I’m the only one who will hate that.
    overall a very cool place. I’m not sure if it is worth 2.8M, but I do feel like the person who renovated this place did a good job and “deserves” to do as well as possible.
    this property gives to the surrounding area IMO, so a service was performed. we should encourage more of this and not less.

  4. Awww, from earlier pics I thought the back house was black which was an awesome contrast with the white front. These new pics seem to show a less attractive contrast/color. Oh well, I guess you could always paint and it’s still really nice place.

  5. There’s a lot to like about this place. I think the juxtaposition of old and new is fantastic. SO tired of new that tries to look “old”. The location is also pretty great.

  6. The house looks great with the exception of two things:
    1) I don’t like how you can see who’s behind the front door all the way from your kitchen.
    2) The middle “bedroom suite” in the top floor can only be used as an office and not a bedroom. Seems like a waste of space to me.
    Also, I’m not a big fan of the handle bars along the staircase. Seems a bit out of place.
    Overall though, if someone gave me this house to, I wouldn’t complain!

  7. Glass range hood? That is only something an architect would do. An architect who doesn’t cook. And has a maid.
    I know everyone loves it, but I find it pretty soul-less. I’d rather live in the guest house.

  8. @SC,
    You could block that door up and allow the intercom that actually takes pictures of the people on your doorstep to do the trick. I believe it even takes the pics if they don’t even ring the door. You can rewind it too.
    Door bell ditchers take note.

  9. I went to see this house yesterday…overall very well done but that is a whopping price point even for NV. The glass floor on the top level looks really cool but that “room” is so small it serves no functional purpose. The other big draw back for me is that the house is right next to a medium sized apartment complex. I realize that’s part of living in the city but for almost 3 million I would pass…This may go for asking because it truly Is a unique home but I would not be surprised in this market if we see some reductions.

  10. It is in contract once again. Let’s see what happens this time. At this point it’s 780 a foot for a pretty large space + rear cottage.

  11. When this sort of thing occurs it will usually be “pending” and the contingencies removed, but they haven’t bothered to update it. So it’s only a matter of time before it funds and is truly “sold.” I’m very curious to see what it goes for.

  12. This looks like it probably sold.
    The assessor’s office shows that the property taxes got paid 04/09/08 – they were delinquent previously.
    Hmmm. The taxes were paid yesterday. And the assessor website is already updated. Do any long time Socketsiters recall all the nonsense about how “slow” the bureaucrats at the assessor’s office were to update?

  13. Mate, believe what you will. Hey, maybe they’ve instituted some new and more efficient filing techniques, or made a hire or two since I last encountered that particular problem. I wouldn’t know. I spoke from experience. So again, believe what you like. But do not suppose that anyone perceives you being challenged in another thread is unrelated to this rankling.

  14. Property taxes were paid in April 2008 and the site was just updated!?!
    I’m not sure the timing of the tax payment means anything. Second payment is due 4/10/09 (we just paid ours yesterday — and it shows as paid on the web site today), so the timing could have nothing to do with any sale.
    But it will be interesting to see what happens with this place. Noe has certainly cooled, but in terms of months-of-inventory, things still seem to be moving there better than anywhere else in the city.

  15. Sorry, Trip. My typo (darn!). The site shows that the taxes were paid yesterday, April 09, 2009. (I wrote “2008” – my bad.) Both installments were paid. The first installment had been delinquent (while they were trying to sell). One very prominent poster went on and on about how slow the assessor’s site was, and about how “no one knows the backstory”, “you don’t know, you don’t know!”, “I’m in the trenches everyday, hobbyist”, etc.
    My only point is that the assessor’s office seems to update quickly and accurately – in the case of 313 Duncan it looks like within 24 hours!
    Oh, and the fact that the taxes got paid leads me to believe that it was to clear a contingency. In my (admittedly) limited experience, flippers often don’t pay until sale, ie, until they have to. Even some flippers in Miraloma Park….

  16. LMRiM,
    I was down at the assessor office yesterday correcting a non-updated payment and fine, so they do get it wrong sometimes. And paying late has lots of fees attached so it is not the general plan of “flippers” to miss payments. Of course some may be broke and willing to take the hit while not spending any more money, hopefully those people get out the business now.

  17. Again, believe what you will. You have a tendency to go seek an argument with me on another subject whenever I challenge you on anything. This is that, clearly. But I object to that characterization, and the way in which you initially broached the subject in the first place. You were trying to present it as a tell-tale sign of financial difficulty initially. I said that the timing might not even be accurate, and that it is notoriously slow. And when I mentioned to you that any title or escrow person would certainly back me up on what I said, you said, “I had lunch with a title CEO yesterday,” or something.
    Flippers are often tardy with tax payments, true. Especially if they live out of state. Of course I knew you looked up the tax records. You were searching for any way possible to point out a mistake. But again, you were 25% off on your predictin and in hindsight nearly everything you said was wrong.

  18. tax collector and assessor’s office are 2 different things.
    if you pay a tax bill at the tax office, the records are updated right away.
    the assessor who sets the property value usually take up to a year to correct a value. it might take them 3 years to get you a supplemental. ask me how i know…

  19. This one sold for 2.4M today.
    (Side note, three 2M+ properties sold today. It’s the first time in quite a while that has happened. There was this one, 80 21st ave for 2.72M, and 240 Walnut for 2.595M.)

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