690 Stanyan Project: Rendering

The 690 Stanyan Project (you know, 62 condos over a 34,400-square foot Whole Foods and 176-space subterranean garage) is back in front of San Francisco’s Planning Commission tomorrow for some public venting vetting. Let us know if you happen to go and learn anything new.

13 thoughts on “The 690 Stanyan Project: Public <strike>Venting</strike> Vetting Tomorrow”
  1. It’s not my first choice of designs but an infinite improvement over the blight that currently marks that corner. God help us if the NIMBYs manage to delay this long enough that it never makes it off the drawing boards.

  2. But boy , if the jocks need a new training facility, you bet that the currently building would be torn down and a new one put up just as quickly as they can manage, even if protesters chain themselves to the lot for months.

  3. Those large expanses of glass on the ground floor better be real windows. I’m sick of all the dead, street-level fronts the Planning Dept allows.

  4. 62 units x $600K x 1.15% = $430K/yr or $35K/mo in lost tax revenue not including whatever sales/property taxes Whole Foods would generate.
    Does Gavin and Co. understand the financial impact of the years it takes a project to get through Planning? Cut one year off the development of this project and that’s $500K+ straight to the City’s bottom line. How many other projects are stuck in the multi-year planning process?

  5. Rumor is that Welch and Hestor are going to ask the Bd of Supes to do a moratorium on approving any market-rate housing projects throughout the City, starting with this one, until neighborhood plans (like the 4-year Eastern Neighborhoods Plan) are approved for each district. I guess they’re also going to open up a soup kitchen for all the unemployed construction workers.

  6. It could be better, but I think it looks unoffensive enough and it isn’t replacing anything pretty or historic. That something like this would be so controversial is a good example of why We Can’t Have Anything Nice in this town.

  7. Don’t get too worked up. Calvin Welch will F*** this project up just like everything else in the Haight. (no, my last name is not Brennan)

  8. Haightmail wrote: Rumor is that Welch and Hestor are going to ask the Bd of Supes to do a moratorium on approving any market-rate housing projects throughout the City,
    This is why we so desperately need a new and sane Board of Supervisors. Market rate housing draws sane voters, which is why the ultra-socialists do not want it.

  9. Just got this mass email from 690 Stanyan folks:
    690 Stanyan – Results of Planning Commission Hearing
    To all –
    Last night, the Planning Commission voted 6-0 to approve the Conditional Use for the 690 Stanyan project, the mixed-use proposal with Whole Foods as the anchor tenant. During the four hour hearing, we produced nearly 400 letters of support, a spreadsheet showing 244 supporters for the Draft EIR, and a list of nearly 260 supporters from 690stanyan.com. This, in addition to the dozens and dozens of supporters who came to speak and show solidarity to the project, I believe, convinced the Commissioners that this was indeed a project that had overwhelming support.
    Hopefully, this will be the first step in reorganizing this neighborhood. What was made clear last night, was that there is a new movement in this neighborhood. To paraphrase one supporter, he’s lived in Dublin, London, and Sydney, and only when he moved to the Haight Ashbury in San Francisco, has he not been able to walk to a full-service grocery store. Now, we are making advances to have a neighborhood for the neighbors.
    Again, thank you very much for all of your support!
    Mark Brennan, 690 Stanyan Street, LLC

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