2100 Vallejo
On Sunday the listing for 2100 Vallejo “expired” along with its 214 days on the market (DOM), original list price of $25,000,000, and subsequent $2,000,000 reduction. On Monday, however, a new listing appeared.
Official MLS days on the market for purposes of industry reporting: one (1). And its new “original” list price: $23,000,000 (which includes the garden/lot next door).
∙ Listing: 2100 Vallejo (5/5.5) – $23,000,000 [MLS]
It Might Not Have A Name, But It’s A Vallejo Mansion Nonetheless [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by garrett

    does anybody use a house like this as a reference to the health of the market or even as a benchmark for reductions and DOM? i mean, there can’t be more than a handful of people out there that would even consider a home that is $20+m and does a couple million dollar reduction make much of a difference, or the actual DOM? according to the MLS, there have only been 2 homes that have sold for $20+m since 2000 in SF–one took 405 days, the other sold in 4 (there is something fishy with this one, no pictures, 4 DOM, no actual sales price). i can’t even comprehend spending that much money on a home in sF, but i suppose those that can, probably already own homes on vast plots of land or islands or any other fun things like that. who would by a $20m home on 1/2 acre–CRAZY!

  2. Posted by Anonymous

    So, it’s only $23,000,000 for this place? Do they include Grandma with the purchase?
    Seriously, though, I’m somewhat disappointed that the kitchen appliances don’t have polished dark woodwork on them, too.

  3. Posted by garrett

    yeah, only $23,000,000, great bargain!–wanna go in on it together since it’s such a bargain and there is so much room?

  4. Posted by San FronziScheme

    Great house, huge lot.
    Now, could they spend a few bucks in better staging? Like hiding those 2 armchairs + ottoman (so 1992), plus get nicer looking office chairs at least for the pictures.

  5. Posted by Amen Corner

    Garrett, the original posting is merely highlighting the apparent dishonesty of claiming this property has been on the market for 1 day when in actuality the number is 214.

  6. Posted by eddy

    This house is actually pretty awesome compared to some of the other houses. $25 was a stretch, as is $23 but this is probably better than the Scott Street manse that just sold finally for high teens and that house needed some work, where as this one is basically done and has a second lot that may or maynot be subdividable and is probably worth net $7-9M factoring lost value from the original land, plus construction cost of new $13M home on the vacant lot.
    I think this is under-priced at $18 or so but the right buyer could come along and pay $20 so may as well hang it out there at $23. Anyone have any idea what the current owners paid?
    Malin’s ~7M house on 1994 Jackson sold recently and needed some investment to moderize it, but that was a pretty stellar deal IMO for the buyer and am surprised it took so long to sell. So you can’t really be sure here with this market as this isn’t a great comp for this place.
    Lastly, I think if a contract on a home expires and it is subsequently relisted it’s not technically against the MLS rules to relist it at 0 DOM.

  7. Posted by Oceangoer

    @eddy … the Scott Street manse that sold in the high teens … was that the decorator showcase one? Was this a private deal that was in the works all along?

  8. Posted by eddy
  9. Posted by Sleepiguy

    I think the extra lot is a little confusing. This house is Historical with a capital H and I doubt the neighbors nor the Pac Heights Res. Association would support subdividing the lot and putting a building on it. Believe me, even billionaires are scared of the planning commission. It also doesn’t help that the house next door has been for sale for well over a year for about 10 million less. Based on the Scott St. sales, I think this house would’ve sold for 18-20 earlier this year, but I’d wager that right now it’s dead in the water.

  10. Posted by Conifer

    Anonymous wrote: Seriously, though, I’m somewhat disappointed that the kitchen appliances don’t have polished dark woodwork on them, too
    Most of the dark wood in this house is original, a credit to the owners who resisted the 1970s urge to paint everything white (often on instruction from the SF society decorator Michael Taylor.) In comparison, the house at 2510 Jackson did paint all the woodwork one color of white or another. This is better. There are many people who are now restoring white-painted woodwork to its original dark colors.
    Is $3000/square foot becoming standard for mansions with bay views?

  11. Posted by Lori

    Interesting property. Too much crap in it, looks borderline dowdy, and who in god’s name did that kitchen? The Home Depot Outlet?

  12. Posted by Conifer

    It doesn’t matter what the furniture looks like. Anyone who buys this will already have their own collection of furniture, or at least be willing to start such a collection. Staging is really for people who need a hint of what it might look like. A lot of people, including yours truly and his wife, find staging more annoying than helpful. 2510 Jackson needs no staging, and has none, and this property does not need it either. Even modest properties often look worse staged.

  13. Posted by Gaeton

    Is this the same house in the Basic Instinct movie?

  14. Posted by Sleepiguy

    ^ No it’s not! Why do people keep asking that?
    The Basic Instinct house is 2930 Vallejo. Google it.

  15. Posted by Ryan

    where do people that own places like these move? just curious to see what they are selling for…

  16. Posted by eddy

    Back on Market @ $21M. Honestly, in re-reading my comments and sleepiguys above — I have to think that north of $15M is a stretch at this point. 10 for the house, 5 for the lot…. And that is a big Maybe. The craze of 2007/2008 at this end of the market is gone.

  17. Posted by eddy

    It looks like the sellers of 2100 Vallejo just reduced their listing price to $13.5M from $15.2!

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