2100-2110 Vallejo
Designed by Houghton Sawyer (who was also the architect behind the Verdier/Scholes Mansion a bit further up the street at 1001 Vallejo), the woodwork within 2100-2110 Vallejo is quite capitvating (“present owners have restored this residence from the studs up”), the views are indeed stunning, and the garden is huge (as in another lot).
2100-2110 Vallejo: Entry
And for those who would like to keep their extended family nearby, or perhaps throw a (rather large) bone to their local SocketSite editors (it is the season for giving), we’ll also note that this home is directly across the street from 2090 Vallejo which is now being offered for a mere (hey, it’s all relative) $14,950,000.
∙ Listing: 2100-2110 Vallejo (5/5.5) – $25,000,000 [MLS]
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33 thoughts on “It Might Not Have A Name, But It’s A Vallejo Mansion Nonetheless”
  1. 3200 a foot?! Ok..sure.. whatever. I mean, I guess it does come with a vacant lot, so in theory you could build another $10 million home next door.

  2. From what I find, last sold 3/31/1995 for $2,475,000
    125k less than what it sold for in 1992.
    No clue how much the updates cost, but nice investment if they get 25 for this by all accounts.

  3. “Hmm…I wonder why they’re putting this on the market in the dead of winter.”
    Properties like this naturally take a lot longer to sell than the standard $1M unit, so timing is not much of an issue. Nobody should be shocked if this stays on the market for a year.

  4. “Hmm…I wonder why they’re putting this on the market in the dead of winter.”
    Even billionaries need something for Christmas…

  5. Are you kidding me that they bought it in 2005 for $2.5 million and are selling for $25 million! That is amazing. Would love to hear some more scoop.

  6. RG-
    It was 1995, NOT 2005.
    That data comes from property shark so don’t shoot the messenger if it is incorrect.

  7. Is it me or does the kitchen look a bit chintzy for a $25M
    house? Tiny granite backsplash. Unimpressive cabinetry.
    Or maybe I just expect too much for $25,000,000.

  8. All they are asking for is a little over 20% annual appreciation (compounded of course). Hedge funds beat that even in bad years, don’t they? Do you think it will go for over asking?

  9. This was also Alma Spreckels’ first home. This home is also completely detached on all four sides, which is extraordinarily rare for anywhere in Pac Heights/Cow Hollow.

  10. The exterior and the interior wood detailing is amazing.
    I would agree with others though, neither kitchen is very attractive. I’m surprised they are so boring/bland. It almost seems like those 2 kitchens come from a completely different house! Especially the bigger one… what kind of work triangle is that? You can’t even see the Fridge!
    and I’m sorry, but that kitchen table… that just screams “affluence”. rofl.
    they should FIRE the photographer who took these photos. This is one of the most expensive homes in the world. Show it!!!! this is a recurring problem with SF real estate.
    If they are afraid of someone seeing the pics online and then stealing the art (this happens sometimes), you simply replace the “real” art for low value stuff for the photo shots.
    FWIW: I live in a pretty darn nice house, but modest… and nothing like the home above… not sure that makes me unable to critique this home. 🙂

  11. That said, they did try to stage the home a little.
    There are 2 pics of the kitchen (same angle)
    first one:
    kitchen table, fruit basket on top (pineapple)
    second one:
    kitchen table with a white table cloth, fruit basekt on top (banana)
    not sure what that means.
    maybe they should put slippers on the toilet too? (joke from another thread)
    yeah, yeah, I know… rich people have cooks and don’t go into the kitchen.
    but if I ever buy a $25m home… even the Maid’s spare bathroom will be decked out!

  12. “I’m sure these critics live in anything even slightly comparable to this.”
    In terms of price? No. But at 1/10th the price my kitchen is 10x nicer which doesn’t seem quite right.
    Most of the wealthy I know love to cook and spend a surprising amount of time in their kitchen.

  13. Tori.. you obviously don’t know very many wealthy, if any. What you see on TV isn’t ‘knowing’ them. Very rarely will they even step foot in their kitchen’s. That’s what chefs and gourmet restaurants are for.

  14. vallejomansion.
    please, spare us. you aren’t the only one who knows wealthy people. many of us do too…
    I have several close friends who live in homes such as this ($10M and up price tag), and ALL use their kitchens.
    especially in San Francisco where many people have a “liberal” mindset, and who bristle at the thought of full time live-in help. many want their kids to have a somewhat “normal” life and yes that does include their kids making themselves a PB and J sandwich once in a while…
    Also, most of them will cook Xmas dinner and Thanksgiving dinner etc THEMSELVES. It is often considered gauche to have the cook prepare important meals for family. (the cook may assist and do all the grunt work, but the garnishes are made by the homeoners)
    There’s also midnight snacks, etc… most people don’t have a live in cook, instead the cook is there during certain hours.
    These people often want the best, the best of EVERYTHING, even if they rarely/never use the object. This is why they have $15,000 umbrella stands, and $1M cars that they rarely drive, and multimillion dollar estates the get to once a year.
    Thus, they’ll want a luxury kitchen even if they only use it to make toast.
    this is especially true for a lot of the newly minted .com millionaires…

  15. I have to agree with ex SF-er. I also know several families that live in prime Pac/Presidio Heights. They all use their kitchens even though they have live in help.
    I have to say the kitchen for this home looks completely out of place. Doesn’t match the design or decor of the house at all.

  16. Wow! Who’d a thunk it?
    Another house featured on Socketsite that even the not-so-average Socketsite readership can’t afford.
    Now please post something in the crime ridden mission, or perhaps shudder, lower haight so that Spencer and his ilk can bloviate and we can all get a good virtual laugh.

  17. House looks good, I know that block very well. I know is still consider pacific heights. But yes a big (BUT) that block only has two single family homes, the rest are apartment buildings and rented condos. And you should also go to that street at 2:00pm -3:30PM there is a school there, right in the middle of the block the whole street is just blocked by at least 3-4 blocks full of cars waiting to pick up the kids!
    But Besides all of that I think the house looks good but not for 25M because you are going to have to spend at least 8M updating the house. I think a good price would be 14M.
    Please don’t write anything mean!

  18. “If they are afraid of someone seeing the pics online and then stealing the art (this happens sometimes)…”
    Does this really happen ? Online pics are usually small, 600 pixels wide or so. The art that is incidentally captured in the photos is even smaller : maybe 100 pixels wide and usually distorted as well. On a good quality printer that would make an image smaller than a postage stamp. That would make a really poor quality bootleg.
    On the other hand I could see someone stealing the *real* art during an open house.

  19. Milkshake (love your moniker)
    Yes. I’m not sure how long ago, but there was a spate of burglaries around the country (nothing really localized) where high end art was stolen after the home was listed for sale. Authorities surmised that some of the canvassing may have occured from online pics.
    of course, anybody doing an open house would also be able to canvass the property, EXCEPT that in high end homes like this, one almost always needs an appointment (so you’ll be income verified prior to being allowed in… and you’ll also have your name in a log book).
    even with a small picture, some of the more famous art/sculptures, etc can be identified. And you know people who live in these types of homes often have the ORIGINALS
    The only reason I know this: my old college roommate’s family sold their Utah ski estate (it was many millions of $$$) a few years back, and the Realtor (who only does high end stuff) recommended that they pull down the important art for the pics for that exact reason.
    Not sure how much of a “problem” this really is… but the Realtor seemed to think that it was.

  20. Ahhh… I see. Makes much more sense that people would steal the actual art. So they’re just using the internet to locate the sites to burglarize.
    I had thought you meant that people would digitally duplicate *images* of the art by right clicking and “save as” on their web browsers.

  21. That was July 2008!!! It is down to 15.2 now.. and all I have to say is good luck with that…

  22. LOL, I did not catch the ’08 date as the July was eerily coincidental apparently.
    Wild stuff in the heady market 😉

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