1001 Vallejo (Image Source: www.bartlettre.com)

The Verdier/Scholes Mansion at 1001 Vallejo is quintessential old-school (and old-money) San Francisco.

We’re talking a conservatory, secret garden, and terraces galore. Not to mention a $14,000,000 price tag. And although we give it a “C” for curb appeal, it’s a stunning property with a rich history, modern amenities, and jaw dropping views of the city.

Built in 1906 for railway and mining tycoon Robert Hanford and his wife Gabrielle (daughter of the founder of the Guittard Company), the house has since been owned by members of the Verdier family, and is currently in the possession of Jan Blaustein and Myron Scholes (yes, the Nobel Prize winner).

Hmm…we’re starting to think “The Verdier/Scholes/SocketSite Mansion” has a nice ring to it. Try it with your name. It’s fun.

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