2505 Divisadero / 2740 Green

Since our first Tip Of The Day seemed to work quite well, we’re offering up our second handy hint: If you’re actively trying to hide obscure the address of a listing on the MLS, then don’t include it on the ‘Virtual Media’ to which the listing links.

This could be an especially handy hint for when you’re advertising an “AGENTS only” Tuesday Tour for a house that Curbed recently identified as belonging to Metallica guitarist, Kirk Hammett (2505 Divisadero). The other place? It’s simply a multi-year $6M renovation by Holly Hulburd Design (a modern masterpiece hidden behind a classic San Francisco exterior at 2740 Green).

2 thoughts on “Tip Of The Day II”
  1. Hulburd Design’s house is IKEA cheap-crap pine in every room, with shelving units everywhere and hardly a wall visible in the whole place.
    IKEA here, IKEA there, here an IKEA, there an IKEA, everywhere it’s IKEA IKEA.
    U-g-l-y and cheap looking.

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