1030 Capp Street: Garage
Having three parking spaces isn’t unheard of in San Francisco but it’s definitely rare. And it’s doubly so when they’re attached to a rather nice looking (albeit TIC) unit that just hit the market for $699,000.
∙ Listing: 1030 Capp Street (2/1) – $699,000 (TIC) [MLS]

33 thoughts on “It’s Not Simply The Number Of Parking Spaces But The Price As Well”
  1. Given that 3/4 baths are advertised as full baths, tiny rooms are advertised as bedrooms, one can only imagine the new opportunities for abuse in which our oh-so-honest Realtors will engage, when the 1/3 as long SmartCar becomes available for deposits in 2008.

  2. That seems like a not so great deal for a not so great neighborhood. That’s not the “fun” part of the Mission. Nice kitchen though, and for someone with a sledgehammer, a nice yard. Could they have shot some pictures on a sunny day?

  3. That price, room size and neighborhood is scary.
    What kind of person would this appeal to?
    a kevlar vest wearing keebler elf gang member who drives 3 Escalades, is flush with cookie cash and is not worried about his fellow TIC members foreclosing.
    This price is ridiculous. I am completely serious when i say that a place like this, in this neighborhood, that is a TIC, should not be selling for over $300K.
    Awaiting angry mission dwellers and homeowners…

  4. Spencer, why don’t you stalk another neighborhood? You DON’T LIVE in the Mission, so go home. If you lived here, you’d know kevlar is not required. And anybody can do a crime search of a mile and find nasty crime stats. (Do 1 mile of California and Fillmore–rapes, robberies, murders, etc.) As for someone who ACTUALLY DOES LIVE nearby, and likes it, the Mission is a great family place. Maybe not this particular block. But good, block by good block, the Mission is cool, and is about the only diverse area where you actually do see families of all ages, grandmas, babies, etc. walking around. Spencer, where exactly DO you live?

  5. I live in Pacific Heights and i frequent the Mission often. There are nice parts in the Mission, but this is not one of them. My “stalking” as you put it is not limited to the mission. It includes a lot of high crime areas. It is ridiculous to me that people are paying exorbitant amounts to live in a place where it is not safe to walk at night. The fundamentals don’t make sense.
    Do you honestly feel that is prudent to walk around in and around this area alone at, let’s say, midnight. If the answer is no, which it should be, so you really think you should be paying a $4k/month mortgage to live in cramped quarters?

  6. “If the answer is no, which it should be, so you really think you should be paying a $4k/month mortgage to live in cramped quarters?”
    ‘Pride of ownership’ (sic).

  7. reported within 1000 ft of 1030 capp st, last 90 days
    ASSAULT 40
    ROBBERY 18
    Grand Total 192

  8. this is vs. 6 assaults on corner of sac and filmore in same period
    that is almost a 700% higher reported assualt rate at 1030 capp than sac and fillmore.

  9. Any location accessible by public transportation is dangerous.
    If you pull up the SFPD crime map, you’ll find that most crimes take place on muni/bus lines.

  10. I live right near here, and this is a better block for this area of Capp. Good to see the price too, as we own a SFR with three car parking.
    Spencer, no offense but why not just stay in your own neighborhood if you’re feeling so threatened? Nice you can afford to live in PacHeights, but not everyone else can and we’re doing our best over here to make the hood a better place. Trust me, it takes a lot of extra effort. It’s a lot more interesting over here than whitey-ville that’s for sure.

  11. It is pretty easy to trash on the safety of the mission/SOMA when living in Pac Heights. Ha.
    I think this price is about right – maybe a little high – but as you all know, a parking space can be priced between $25-50k. So factor that in here.

  12. it is facinating diemos. it’s not accessibility, but ease of accessibility. A street on a hill that is several blocks from a bus line will have less crime than a flat land area directly on a bus line.
    The point is that public transportation is a chaufer service for criminals in this town.
    Let’s not trash the Mission. While there are some edgy people about, I would much rather hang out in the mission for an evening than watch 104 pounds bleach blonde gold diggers pound $16 glasses of lightly oaked chardonay in the Marina.

  13. It really contributes a lot to the streetscape. A lot of garage doors, that is. Garagescaping? Probably better than just filling in the front yard … or is it?

  14. “Nice you can afford to live in PacHeights, but not everyone else can and we’re doing our best over here to make the hood a better place.’
    Actually it is cheaper to rent a nice place in Pac Heights than it is to buy a crappy place in the Mission. That is part of the problem. People choose crappy homes in a less than safe neighborhood for “pride of ownership” instead of just renting a nice place in a nice area. The market is illogical and is all based on spculation and the emotional attachment and false sense of security of buying a home

  15. When my wife and I were looking around for places to live, we looked at Pac Whites. We decided against it for a variety of reasons, the largest of which was having to deal with people like Spencer on a daily basis. No thanks.
    Spencer, if you don’t quit walking around with you nose up in the air so high, you are going to run into something and hurt yourself. For you own safety, please, please stop (it is a long tumble down to the Marina or heavens forbid…Lower Pac Heights).

  16. I live on that block of Capp. In fact, own a 3 bed/3 bath condo with views, parking for TWO cars and paid more than the $699k for the unit. Bought two years ago and happy. Never been a victim of crime here. Life in the big city kids means you have to watch out for yourself and your fellow man. Yes, frequent calls to the police in the first year, but with diligence, pride of ownership (you don’t get that renting…) and lots of other neigbhors that pitch in on the block, we have a great safe block in the Mission. Easy walk to chic Mission spots like Mission Pie, Foreign Cinema, Spork and on and on. As for raising your kids here…ask my neighbors, they have done it and are and yeah, in the Mission. A lot more city than the suburbs of Pac Heights, Sunset, and the Richmond.

  17. you nailed it on spencer
    i’m sure he’s one of those marina douche’s that frequently walks into sign posts while he’s looking at his iphone

  18. not white, but thanks for the image. I’m sure the caucasians on here love the racism against whites. If you wrote the name of any neighborhood followed by the race of people (other than white)who live there, your post would’ve been deleted and everyone would’ve screamed racism racism racism.
    In my building, there are 8 units. There is one “white” italian couple. The others are chinese, japanese, indian and latino. Not sure when the last time you walked down fillmore st. was, but the majority of people collectively are not caucasian.
    I have been and have known several people in this city who have been victims of serious violent crime. I do not turn my nose up and never have. i am not bourgeoise and am quite sure that i come from a more humble background than at least 90% of san francisco.
    People are paying exorbitant prices to live in dangerous neighborhoods and a lot don’t know what they are getting into.
    people are clearly blinded by emotion when it comes to housing.
    i am a scientist and spend about 100% of my free time reading or biking. i think that probably is different from your idea of a marina douche.
    nonwhite academic bike riding scientist =

  19. Yes, Spencer pulls out the crime stats when convenient. But on the thread about the Excelsior house, I posted that there were *no* assaults within 1000 feet of that Excelsior address in the past 90 days (vs. 6 assaults in Pac Heights), after Spencer said living there required a a Kevlar vest and a pit bull.
    People of all races have their prejudices– being Asian doesn’t mean one can’t have stereotypical views of Latinos and African Americans, for example.
    Pacific Heights and the Marina are among the whitest neighborhoods in San Francisco, and some people, of any race, have preconceived views of predominately white affluent neighborhoods, versus less affluent, less white neighborhoods, even if crime stats don’t support these prejudices.

  20. When I lived on Saturn, on a steep hill above the Castro, my Honda got broken into on a regular basis. No foot traffic, no view of the street from most of the apartments and houses. It’s not just proximity to transpo.

  21. “Actually it is cheaper to rent a nice place in Pac Heights than it is to buy a crappy place in the Mission. That is part of the problem. People choose crappy homes in a less than safe neighborhood for “pride of ownership” instead of just renting a nice place in a nice area.”
    Spencer, the house we bought in the Mission has nearly doubled in value since we purchased it in 2001. That means that not only have we not been paying rent, we’ve accrued almost .5 mil in equity (excluding renovations), all the while enjoying our wonderful eclectic neighborhood. And we have a 4 bedroom home with three car parking, a small second unit and a nice back deck. So much for your view of crappy. Sure, there’s crime here; but truthfully, I was almost killed in your neighborhood a year and a half ago when a lunatic was driving around in an SUV running people over around Fillmore street. Crime happens everywhere, in all forms.
    Anyway, rent on in PacHieghts I have no problem with it. I think your bias is a losing viewpoint though.

  22. Spencer exaggerates the number of crimes within 1000 feet of this address. The numbers he posted above, labeled as the number of crimes within 1000 feet of the address in the last 90 days, are actually the number of crimes with 1/4 mile of the address– a substantially larger area and number of crimes.

  23. Okay Spencer, this is what I have in the Mission, and I’ll put it up next to your Pac Heights-hovel any day: I have 2800 square feet of 1873 Victorian splendor. I have a massive garden, full of sun and 24 rose plants. I have a massive backyard large enough for kickball, with two sequoia trees in the corner, a fig tree, a plum tree, two meyer lemon trees in the other corner, a hot tub, and a swingset for my two kids, a sunny deck. I have a double garage with a workshop. Three working fireplaces, 12 foot ceilings. My house is on a tree lined street and it appears in a couple Victoriana books. I know all my neighbors, and most every house on my block is owner-occupied. Oh, and should I mention a flat upstairs that earns me $3300 per month rent? You can’t get houses and yards and weather like this in PacHeights, and that’s just one reason why people continue to flock to the Mission. So Spencer, enjoy your dark hovel in Pacific Heights and kiss my grits.

  24. I lived in PacHaights and my car got broken into constantly, and my room mate got mugged. A friend was raped. I’ve lived in the Mission for the last seven years and I think my car got broken into once, and nothing nearly as bad has happened in all that time. Actually, recently I was drunk coming home from a party on Lexington and 18th, and I was stumbling, and a stranger helped me home four blocks. 😉 I feel we know one another here and watch out for each other. I just can’t imagine that happening in Spencer’s hood.

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