Take another $350,000 (8.5%) off of the “two for one” listing at 1 Florence (now 16.7% below the original asking), and another $245,000 (5.5%) off the top of 21 Buena Vista Avenue (now 14.1% below the original asking). And in either case, don’t forget to our invitations to the housewarmings. We do like big views.
As an aside, currently over a quarter of all active single family/condo/TIC listings in San Francisco have been reduced at least once. And almost half of those have price tags of under $700,000.
UPDATE (4/14): The sfnewsletter sends us a tip that 21 Buena Vista was listed for as much as $5,475,000 last May. If that’s the case, then consider it “22.4% below the semi-original asking.”
∙ Listing: 21 Buena Vista Avenue (6/6) – $4,250,000 [MLS]
∙ Listing: 1 Florence #6 and #1 (2/2.5 and 0/1) – $3,750,000 [MLS]
San Francisco Luxury: Up In General, Down In Specific [SocketSite]
A Little Off The Top Of The Witches Hat (21 Buena Vista Ave) [SocketSite]

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