25 Mercedes Way
This Joseph Leonard designed Arts and Crafts house is described as an “architectural work of art.” And we’re buying it (the description not the house). Although if we did buy it (the house not the description) we have a feeling some bathroom/kitchen updating would have to be factored into our budget.
SIGNATURE STYLE: Joseph A. Leonard [SFGate]
∙ Listing: 25 Mercedes Way (5/3) – $1,895,000 [MLS]

8 thoughts on “We’re Buying It (The Description Not The House)”
  1. “…we have a feeling some bathroom/kitchen updating would have to be factored into our budget.”
    Not that I’m a pro, but better add some landscaping to your budget too.

  2. The blocks surrounding this house have one of the finest concentrations of Arts and Crafts architecture anywhere in SF, as I see things, and I always enjoy strolling by and taking in the scenery. I would consider the neighborhood to be a major selling point.

  3. I have never heard of this area before. Does anybody know what it’s like? I am a huge fan of Arts & Crafts.

  4. We lived in a Joseph Leonard home in Alameda for 13 years and he was an incredible quality builder. He developed Ingleside Terrace after leaving Alameda and spending some time in Alaska, then settling in SF.

  5. Ingleside Terrace is to the south of Junipero Serra (Stonestown and 19th Ave. are to the north), west of St. Francis Wood.
    It is a great neighborhood (full disclosure – I live in that part of town, but have nothing to do with the real estate industrial complex), and in my opinion one of those hidden treasures of the city. It definitely has a suburban feel – not as dense, quiet. But there’s not a Peet’s right out your door and it doesn’t have that “buzz” of being right in the middle of an urban center. It’s not good or bad, just something folks either are looking for or not.
    This side of town also seems less transient than other places – folks move here and don’t leave (and sometimes their kids don’t either!). You’ll find lots of multi-generation native San Franciscans out on this side of town.
    Ingleside Terrace seems far out on the edge of town, but if you’re commuting south on 280 it’s a dream. It’s also not hard to get to northbound 280 by cutting over on Brotherhood Way. This part of town also gets lots of fog!
    I once heard an interesting story (I have not substantiated it) that when the west side was being built (St. Francis Wood, Forest Hill, Ingleside Terrace were all planned communities) the neighborhoods were segregated. SFW and FH were white-only, and IT was built for affluent minorities.

  6. The segregated story is true – it included the Mt Davidson area for whites. You can reference this by Professor Dan Gonzales, JD at San Francisco State, who told us this in class. Another segrgated area included San Mateo County on either side of El Camino. Well guess what side of SF Prof. Gonzales bought his first house.
    Per a local small business owner of 25+ years at LiliKnit, the neighborhood since she remember was predominantly Italian > Irish > Black > Asian > ???
    And the neighborhood yes, hidden treasure. it used to have a race track and some houses in the area had stables in the backyards.
    I knew that old term paper would be useful someday.
    P.S. I’m only hesitating to point out any sparkles because I’d love to be able to move to my parents’ hood. Yup Cary.

  7. I think the neighborhood is a great option for those looking for a traditional neighborhood feel. Mature neighborhood, trees, detached lots, 3+ bedrooms (on most homes), close to transportation (280, light-rail runs adjacent to these), and there is West Portal for local shops and restaurants. My favorite in district 4 is a small subdistrict nestled between SFW and Ingleside Terrace called Balboa Terrrace. If you look at the recent sales trends you can see that the neighborhood is not inexpensive but the homes are generally pretty desirable. Some recent sales in the area include 541 Darien Way ($1.701M, 306 San Benito Way ($1.885M) 445 Darien Way ($2.2M). My observation is that there has been a surge in remodeling and newer families moving into the area given the number of Bugaboos rolling into St. Francis Wood Park and on the neighborhood outlook on a weekend afternoon.

  8. This is my house and it is a work of art. I have enjoyed every minute of living in it. If you missed the open houses, too bad. It will close escrow soon and become someone else’s home……
    And yes, the bathrooms are original and still functional. Quite rare and rather wonderful, in my opinion.

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