1418 Shafter
The Bayview is hot, and we can’t help but see value. (Not to mention a bidding war.)
∙ Listing: 1418 Shafter Ave (3/2 + 3/2) – $595,000 [MLS]
Relative Value From Top To Bottom [SocketSite]

7 thoughts on “Marina Style With Bayview Location (And Price)”
  1. How about the fact that in the past month there were 27 incidences of crime reported within a quarter mile of this home? Most of the crime happened within a block or two of this home. Check out all the crime in the “hood” at the SFPD web site. Three carjackings with a gun. Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Possession of crack cocaine. etc., etc. The list goes on. Bidding war…. I don’t think so.
    [Editor’s Note: Food For Thought: SFPD CrimeMAPS Summary Reports]

  2. Agreed – i don’t think it’s worth it. Yes, the area gets sunny weather and yes, the houses are nice, but you are really going to earn your sweat equity here. You’ve got industrial uses which go empty at night to the south and southwest and the major housing project up on the hill to the southeast a few blocks away combined with very little neighborhood shopping available for coffee, groceries and whatnot. While the area is gentrifying, these major uses are not going away anytime soon. Yes, the T-Third is a benefit for the area, but you’ve got to be pretty ballsy to commit to riding that every day along 3rd Avenue. The risk to your life and property are not worth it in my book – I’d go to the Excelsior or the Sunset if you want a relatively affordable house. The weather won’t be as nice, but to anyone who has lived in a rough neighborhood in SF, it’s just not worth it to have to put on your “game face” (i.e. don’t f@#k with me) every time you step out your front door.

  3. I am worried about the Third Street line working…Crazy violence along this route. I really feel for the drivers of muni. No wonder many have a surly/paranoid attitude. I would rather live out of state than deal with that bs. I agree with above poster, go to the Sunset.

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