A SFPD CrimeMAPS Summary Report of criminal activity over the past thirty days for a quarter-mile radius around 1418 Shafter in the Bayview:
SFPD CrimeMAPS Summary Report for area around 1418 Shafter
The SFPD CrimeMAPS Summary Report of criminal activity over the past thirty days for a quarter-mile radius around 3208 Pierce in the Marina:
SFPD CrimeMAPS Summary Report for area around 3208 Pierce
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18 thoughts on “Food For Thought: SFPD CrimeMAPS Summary Reports”
  1. Your point would be better illustrated if they used the same horizontal scale. Anyway, choose your poison, a lot of over-reported petty larceny on Lombard, or drugs and robbery in the Bayview?

  2. That scale IS pretty #($*(# up.
    But the absolute numbers do show more of just about everything in the Marina. Aside from drug crimes (sales?)that is, which aren’t even reported for the Marina. It’s always easy to lie with statistics, so I’m sure there’s an explanation or two…. Underreporting is probably a big part of it.

  3. Most of the crime reported in the Marina address is petty theft which I’m sure is related to the kids at Marina Middle school. I don’t think you can compare breaking windows/shoplifting/theft from cars to carjaking with a gun and selling crack cocaine.

  4. The “assult” in the Marina is probably one girl hitting another girl with her Prada bag after seeing her flirting with her boyfriend, while in the Bayview the guy beat with a lead pipe is probably still in the hospital and close to helping SF set a new murder record this year…

  5. I’m from the hood, from N. Philly, and can tell you and hood folk generally don’t “snitch”. There’s a big debate over dealing with police ongoing within the black community.
    Of course, not reporting crime deteriorates the quality of life immensely, but that’s just how it is. So I wouldn’t read anything into these numbers. The Bayview is not the type of place where I would ever willingly wanna live.

  6. Hey socketsite…. give credit where credit is due. I mentioned the CrimeMaps link in the previous thread and you edited it out. Come on!
    [Editor’s Note: Please tell us you’re kidding. Your original comment still stands. And we even link to the post.]

  7. You know, a lot of sketchy people can be found on Lombard for some reason. I’ve seen people smoking crack and selling drugs near Fillmore St…

  8. Just duplicated the report for the Marina and it includes “ROBBERY ON THE STREET WITH A GUN” and “AGGRAVATED ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON”. Doubt that Prada bag is considered a deadly weapon…

  9. Lies, damn lies, and statistics. Try this one then on the crime map – search for homicides within one mile of each respective address for the last 90 days – you’ll get 3 around Shafter and none around Pierce. I’m no fan of bland yuppiness of the Marina personally, and not to be racist or elitist, but if I had to choose Shafter or Pierce Street to go for a walk on after dark (or hell, in the middle of the day for that matter) – well, you know where I’m going with this. Also, anyone remember those homicide maps – how they cluster around the same areas, such as near Third/Shafter? Here’s one from 1997-2001 (I can’t find one more recent but I know they show a similar clustering):
    It’s not like you’re going to get shot, mugged, or your car broken into every time you leave your house in the Bayview, but it will definitely be on your mind WAY more than the Marina.

  10. Although I believe Bayview is more dangerous than the Marina, I think the point socketsite was trying to get across was that crime is existent in ALL parts of the city, even the richest parts.
    In addition, I find it interesting when people just blow off crimes related to “Marina kids”, or other people of that type. I’ll bet you that if you saw some “Bayview kids” committing petty crimes around Bayview, we would be talking about how uncontrollable these kids are.
    I live in Potrero Hill and as you know, this area is known for its crime. I hear it all the time from my friends. One of my friends got mugged in the Richmond district once and nothing was said about the safety of their neighborhood. If that same situation happened in my district, my friends would have been talking forever (and reinforcing their belief) about how out of control Potrero is.

  11. Anon posted:
    “Although I believe Bayview is more dangerous than the Marina, I think the point socketsite was trying to get across was that crime is existent in ALL parts of the city, even the richest parts.”
    You are right there is crime in all parts of the city. A few weeks ago here in Pac Heights someone stole my WSJ and I was talking to a neighbor who had her free copy of 7×7 stolen from right out in front of her home. Sure they have drive bys in the Bayview and gang execution shootings every night, but crime is crime…

  12. Pac Heights Renter – great, so you’ve convinced me that it’s safer in Pacific Heights, or the Marina, and so that’s where I’m going to buy my first house! I’m looking for a single family home with at least three bedrooms, a yard, and parking. I can afford around $700K assuming I don’t have to fix it up. Any listings in particular I should take a look at in your neighborhood?

  13. Don’t crime stats usually include per capita rates? Normalizing the raw data by dividing the average number of people in the areas would give a better view of how probable those events can happen to you, or me. Well, maybe that’s done for cities as a whole and not by neighborhoods.

  14. I think the chart is really interesting. Sure, there may be under-reporting in Bayview…but there is no shortage of crime ANYWHERE in the City and I think that’s the takeaway.
    I’ve not read all the comments to this posting so I can’t be sure if any of you are actually living in Bayview. I worked there, started a nonprofit there and spent many days…AND NIGHTS…in that neighborhood. Your comments are the stereotypical replies of people who are uneducated and afraid of people and/or things that are different. The Bayview community is filled with children, adults and elderly that are good and friendly people. There are CERTAIN areas that are dangerous but no neighborhood is immune to crime. Note: There have been 2 homicides in the Marina in the last 6 months. Mostly, Bayview is a community that has suffered a great deal historically and that is trying to change. Seems like many of you would prefer the City just build a wall around Bayview.
    I LIVE in the Marina, by the way, and will note that I’ve been followed, my car has been broken into twice, there are homeless people sleeping on the street and a group of guys tried to abduct my girlfriend not long ago.
    Fortune favors the Bold…if you’re looking to make an investment, Bayview will likely pay off.

  15. Pac Heights Renter’s point is exactly correct. I’ve lived in the Marina for 6 years and just because the criminal activity is high doesn’t mean that it’s at all as severe as in the Bayview. A lot of thefts occur in the Marina because there are a lot of rich kids walking around the Marina. If I wanted to mug someone for their watch, would I go to the Bayview for a Timex or the Marina for a Rolex??? Marina people are also far more apt to report crimes that happen. If a Bayview wife called the cops to report battery, she’d probably be hauled in on drug/prostitution/etc charges herself! In the long run, though, the Bayview is a wasteland of crime and the Marina is a wasteland of landfill – both don’t deserve anywhere near $595,000 of my money.

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