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3208 Pierce: Living (Image Source: 3208pierce.com)
A tipster notes a “flashy” new website (and photos) for 3208 Pierce (“The Marina’s Newest Address”). No word on how many of those initial reservations actually turned into contracts, or how many of the 14 units remain available. (Tipsters?)
UPDATE (1/18): Thanks to a tipster we now have complete pricing (and HOA fees range from $579 to $675 per month):
∙ 3208 Pierce #101 (2/2.5) 1,476 sqft – $1,299,000
∙ 3208 Pierce #102 (2/2.5) 1,277 sqft – $1,199,000
∙ 3208 Pierce #201 (1/1) 719 sqft – “SOLD” (BMR)
∙ 3208 Pierce #202 (1/1) 985 sqft – $925,000
∙ 3208 Pierce #203 (1/1) 738 sqft – $749,000
∙ 3208 Pierce #204 (2/2) 1,102 sqft – $999,000
∙ 3208 Pierce #401 (2/2.5) 1,261 sqft – $1,099,000 (“SOLD”)
∙ 3208 Pierce #402 (2/2.5) 1,253 sqft – $1,169,000
∙ 3208 Pierce #403 (2/2.5) 1,243 sqft – $1,119,000
∙ 3208 Pierce #404 (1+/1.5) 1,100 sqft – $1,049,000
∙ 3208 Pierce #405 (2/2.5) 1,236 sqft – $1,149,000 (“SOLD”)
∙ 3208 Pierce #406 (2/2.5) 1,393 sqft – $1,299,000 (“SOLD”)
∙ 3208 Pierce #407 (2/2.5) 1,168 sqft – “SOLD”
∙ 3208 Pierce #408 (2/2.5) 1,602 sqft – “SOLD”
UPDATE (1/25): According to a tipster, units #401, #405, and #406 have joined the ranks of “SOLD.” And as of today, eight of the fourteen condos remain available.
3208 Pierce Street: Now Accepting Reservations [SocketSite]
3208 Pierce: A Few Details [SocketSite]

30 thoughts on “3208 Pierce: New Website And Photo Gallery”
  1. yes “flashy” is the key word. I like the website – clean and functional – but the photography is clealy not done by Resident Photograhy. Why does anyone use flash anyway?

  2. They seem to not show any street views of the building. Could this be because of the Lombard Street location? My concern would be the noise and vibrations from the heavy 24 hour traffic on Lombard as well as automobile exhaust.

  3. I think that web site is fantastic.
    As I predicted, they do advertise “Easy access to US 101” (on the website, click maps – it’s the last bullet point), which they should because it’s right outside your window. Which they counter by noting “state of the art double pane windows”.
    Views from the third floor look good, and aside from the top floor, I can’t imagine why anyone would pay anything over $600 psf at that location. Whether anyone will continue to pay $1000 per square foot for a location, location, location on the highway, highway, highway, is anyone’s guess.
    Yesterday, we were bantering about whether the one lane portion of divis was a busy street and whether the Lions Den/Pub might have added some noise to the area and how these two things might have justified a reduction in price. Anyone care to comment how the 3 lane portion of Lombard is a country lane and silent, and thus this property will resale for the entire $1000 psf?

  4. I’ve been inside and the units are dead silent.
    Shen Milson Wilke (www.smwinc.com) did the architectural acoustics, mechanical noise and vibration analysis/control.

  5. Acoustics were done by the same firm that did acoustics @ Zanker Hall (Carnegie), the de Young Museum and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum expansion.

  6. Has there been no change in pricing from previous Socketsite article? I may be a bit slow, but I am unable to find anywhere on the site showing floorplans or pricing.

  7. Aircon?
    I assume so but it’s not mentioned as a feature. And state of the art double pane windows are only quiet when they are closed.

  8. Safe district 7 neighborhood, A16, Pane e Vino, Emporio Rulli, Pres a Vi, Presidio Social Club, two yacht clubs, two movie theatres, Presidio, Headlands, Crissy Field, Palace of Fine Arts, Books Inc., Fort Mason, Real Food Company…

  9. Anon at 2:16, You are so right. If only the rule for real estate was “what businesses are within a mile, what businesses are within a mile, what businesses are within a mile”, this place would be so worth 800+ psf.
    But unfortunately, closer than any of the businesses or attractions you listed, is US101 (and I think there is a parking garage on the other side). Because the rule is location, location, location, I just don’t see paying above $800psf, for what are admittedly very nice finishes.
    There are literally hundreds of other homes as close to those amenities, that are not adjacent to the highway and some were struggling to hit $775 psf. You can change the finish of any one of them. You can never change the location of these.

  10. And since the developer knows this is on Lombard they hired the same acoustical engineers that worked on Carnegie Hall, the de Young and the Smithsonian.

  11. Within a mile? Those businesses are hundreds of yards away.
    Japantown is a mile away from 3208 Pierce.
    The places struggling to hit $775 weren’t new construction.

  12. This is a really nice building. But Lombard is SF’s motel strip and I would hate coming out each morning and reminding myself that everyone else on the street is on vacation. I might get confused and get in the car and drive to Disneyland or something. I would instinctively look for a Denny’s or a HoJo’s for breakfast – how utterly non-SF.
    Well, I suppose I could get into a rennovated motel room with a view of this nice new building for less than $3K a month, including maid service. If you buy, I will let you use the pool as my guest.

  13. Has anyone taking a look at the location map on the site, it’s hilarious.
    Let’s see, you’re right next to IHOP, and only half a block to the “Sloat Garden Center” and “Home Plate.” 1 short block to World Savings!
    I mean, come on, is that the best they could do?

  14. Lombard is a difficult location at best for I cannot see how it could ever become more “residential” in usage. The only possible design developement I could imagine in a location such as this would be retail/commercial facing on the street with some type of live/work loft units in the rear facing away from the noise and neon strip that is possibly one of the city’s ugliest busy streets. But to try to get $1,000 a sq. ft. in this location would be pushing it even if this were the height of the “irrational exuhuberance” that existed last year. In a city as small as San Francisco, one or two blocks can make a world of difference, imagine if this were on Filbert and Pierce instead.

  15. Just saw the units. Since the real estate market is imploding, there is NO WAY they will sell one unit. If they do, then I will jump off a bridge b/c we all know the market is bad!
    That said, they are only asking $900-990/sqft for these units, which is relatively good value for The Marina area and new construction.
    I guess we shall see in a couple months whether any of the units sell! But, after reading all the media and blogs and Socketsite, there is no possibility any of them will sell if they are right.
    Please follow up in a couple months Socketsite and give us an update. Thnx!

  16. I was there tonight too. The prices are good for the area and for the quality. I was expecting to dislike it for the Lombard location, but ironically my favorite unit was on the busy Lombard/Pierce corner — I barely noticed Lombard, and liked the view of Pacific Heights. That they’re two-level homes, and have parking, is a very good thing.
    Three units were marked sold/pending, and there was a deposit on one of the one-bedrooms — so just 10 to go. For someone who wants to be in the Marina/Cow Hollow for under 1.2m it’s a great option.

  17. Question to the open housers: what’s behind the window that is adjacent to the public parking structure on the top floor? Is that common space or one of the unit’s window?
    Hey! You can dis Lombard St. all you want, but Chestnut St. is a nice little ‘hood. Funny they didn’t include these in their map: Circa, Pacific Catch, Noah’s Bagel, Moonstruck, William Sonoma and *gasp* Happy Donuts! 🙂

  18. Nice Fume Blanc served at the opening, but, I have to ask, who buys these places? The cheapest unit is $750,000 for a shoebox looking over at a three-story parking garage? I live on nearby on Mallorca and would much rather buy a flat in a well-located two-unit building for $750/sf. And actually live in the Marina. I like the clear stories and yes, the location isn’t loud, but the pricing on these is breathtaking. Killer view of the prom night drunks at IHOP!

  19. Wow, they gave away free wine in the Marina and lots of people showed up? What a shocker!
    Those places could have been priced at $50 Million per bedroom and if you gave away free wine in the Marina, you’d get 400 people there.

  20. I didn’t like any of the units looking onto Lombard. The one’s looking onto the courtyard or onto Pierece were nice though.
    The Lombard units will be a tough sell. I heard 11 of 14 have been reserved –they need one more permit before those 11 can go into contract.

  21. The 750k unit is looking onto a garden courtyard that was designed by the architect with bamboo, waterfalls etc.

  22. For us who travel and are crushed for time because of our careers, I wish they would start posting floorplans with prices on new developement websites such as this. You would never know from this website that there was a courtyard, bamboo, waterfalls, etc.

  23. Thanks for the updated information which is very helpful and thanks also for this great site! The information is valuable for me both as a builder and property owner and the comments are entertaining and informative.

  24. No air conditioning and no vents for the clothes dryers. Owners will have to get the Bosch “condensation” dryer.
    There’s a stairwell entrance on Pierce mid-block which allows skipping of the elevator.
    Kitchen appliances are GE Profile.

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