1083 Hollister
From the Marina to the Bayview, San Francisco’s housing inventory is once again on the rise (“plug in” for a full update early next week). And while absolute value might be open to debate, we can’t help but see the relative value in a number of recently listed single family homes.
For example, 1083 Hollister is a fixer in a transitioning neighborhood. But if the structure and systems happen to be sound (“Contractor’s special” isn’t a good sign), then we can’t help but see interesting “bones” and potential (especially for the price of an inexpensive one-bedroom in other parts of the city).
At the other end of the spectrum, 3160 Baker is nicely remodeled with three bedrooms (three and one half baths) and a glimpse of the Palace of Fine Arts (from the Master bedroom). And while it’s not exactly in the same league as the three bedroom Venetian Villa down the street, it is listed at a quarter of the price.
A “Venetian Villa” In San Francisco (3460 Baker Street) [SocketSite]
∙ Listing: 3160 Baker (3/3.5) – $1,995,000 []
∙ Listing: 1083 Hollister (3/1) – $499,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Eddy

    I saw 3160 come on this week and was also surprised at what seemed to be a pretty nice place, decent price.

  2. Posted by joe

    1083 has a lot of interesting features, plus curb appeal. what’s the hood like?

  3. Posted by Delancey St Resident

    The hood is one block off Gillman, main feed to the north parking lots at Candlestick. The folks claiming 81 days of ballpark hell in SOMA haven’t seen the Candlestick backups.

  4. Posted by curmudgeon

    But theres only what, 12 days of football a year?

  5. Posted by Anonymous

    First of all, the Candlestick backups are HORRENDOUS. I went to a game 30 minutes late, and it too 30 minutes once off the ramp to get in a lot next to the sewer water. Yuck.
    I like 3160 Baker St. It is a prime Marina property which will sell quickly i.e. within 30 days is my guess, and for more than asking.
    Bonuses are being sent end of this month and next month folks. Spring boom will be sweat, just as it has been every year for some 10+ years now.

  6. Posted by Michael

    Last year there were ten 49er home games at Candlestick (including pre-season). When the team moves to Santa Clara, or to another site, there won’t be any.
    And don’t forget that the Third Street light rail is up and running connecting Bayview with the rest of the city.

  7. Posted by daniele

    I drove by the Hollister property last week. I arrived after dark, 6pm-ish, got out and strolled the block. Here’s what I encountered:
    cool house /huge lot/barking dog next door, downtrodden looking folks down the street, i was startled by a man who approached on foot quickly to ask me if i wanted to be his friend. i said loudly, NO. he walked away. shortly after, i noticed a few contractors hanging out a few houses down across the street, and got to talking to Umberto who has lived on the street a few blocks down, for 7+ years. he told me he had been inside the house and it had plumbing problems and the usual stuff that happens to neglected houses. leaky roof, bad foundation, crumbling walls. he went on to tell me there have been 2 drive-by murders on the steet in 2006 and that he felt crime was getting worse in his area due to the police clearing out lower bayview ( the southern part), which has forced the “bad kids” to consolidate farther up into his neighborhood. oh, Umberto also told me that guy who asked for friendship is a regular and is always begging them for money and generally annoying.

  8. Posted by jeemster

    Looks like 1083 Hollister is in default. See link.

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