Arterra and Hayes
We have to admit, our tour of the joint Arterra and The Hayes sales center left us feeling a bit under-whelmed (but then again we’ve probably been spoiled by the showrooms at One Rincon Hill and The Infinity). No full-scale condos here, but plenty of drawings and representative kitchens/bathrooms a la The Palms sales center (which, by the way, we hear has been quiet).
We couldn’t help but notice that The Hayes will only offer electric ranges, while Aterra will be gas (once again, we’re definitely Arterra people). And despite the two Sub-Zero refrigerators that are so prominently on display, both buildings are slated to be BYOR (bring your own refrigerator).
Neither building has started taking reservations/deposits, and both are anticipating a first release of units in September. Like the Infinity, however, interested parties are being placed on a “priority list” based upon receipt of a prequalification letter (so get on it if you’re interested).
General Pricing for Arterra:
– One-bedrooms (594 – 863 sqft) from the $520,000’s
– Two-bedrooms (922 – 1,160 sqft) from the $780,000’s
– One-bedroom Townhomes (841 – 1,006 sqft) from the $610,000’s
– Two-bedroom Townhomes (1,162 – 1,237 sqft) from the $850,000’s
General pricing for The Hayes:
– Studios (407 – 870 sqft) from the $430,000’s
– One-bedrooms (657 – 1,090 sqft) from the $580,000’s
– Two-bedrooms (987 – 1,495 sqft) from the $830,000’s
The Hayes will consist of 111 condos and is expected to be available for occupancy (i.e., close escrow) late 2007. Arterra will consist of 269 condos and is expected to be available for occupancy early 2008.
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2 thoughts on “Arterra and The Hayes: Sales Centers”
  1. I went there a while back. The Arterra has a nice, 2 level townhome model with 2/2 and exposures on both ends. It was going to in 800s. The entire top floor was a master suite. I think that’s pretty cool. You don’t get

  2. Agggg… these are between a rock (train noise) and a hardplace (freeway). I’m in Cow Hollow and got an amazing 1BR with an outside deck for the same price as the 2BR… less space is well worth the location.

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